Paul Mendoza

“Where does God go when he dies? He goes to Hell” Lori Blake

This episode brings back one of the original Watchmen, Silk Spectre, who is now an FBI agent who’s specialty is taking down vigilantes who wear masks. She calls herself Lori Blake now. It’s interesting that she took the name of her real father, The Comedian, Edward Blake, she’s even adapted his cynicism.

There are blue telephone booths where you can make a call to Mars and leave a message for Dr. Manhattan. Is he listening? Does he care? Probably not, nevertheless, Lori keeps calling. The episode opens with one of these calls and keeps going back to tis call throughout. It’s a nice storytelling device and gives the episode an eerie spine to hang the rest of the story to.

“Hey, it’s me. I’ve got a joke. It’s about a bricklayer.”, she begins. The joke is about a bricklayer who’s teaching his daughter his trade. But once he’s finished his project there is one brick leftover. He proceeds to tear the bbq apart in a rage until the daughter says she has a better idea. The daughter throws the brick in the air and then…….she forgets the rest of the joke. She decides to tell another.

As she tells the joke we see her enter a bank and attempt to rob it. It’s a ruse to lure a masked vigilante called Mr. Shadow to show up to stop the robbery. When the jig is up he tries to make a run for it but Lori shoots him in the back. One of her fellow agents asks he how she knew that he was wearing kevlar but she doesn’t answer. She didn’t she was fine with killing him. A definite deep seated anger in her about people that wear masks.

“ Why are you arresting him! He’s a hero!” a guy in the crowd shouts at her.
She looks at the guy with disdain and says, “No he’s not. He’s a joke”
She sounds just like her dad.

She comes home, tells Alexa or whoever it is now, to play Devo and she feeds her pet owl who she calls “Who” a nice white mouse. She takes out her silver briefcase and opens it but before we can see what’s inside there’s a knock on the door. It’s Senator Joe Keene. He’s requested that she be assigned to go to Oklahoma to investigate the death of Judd Crawford and quell this 7th Kavalry uprising. He’s worried that they will start a war that will destroy his image, after all, he was the one that came up with the idea of cops wearing masks and it’s been working so well other states want to do the same thing. Lori sees through him. He’s really worried that it will hurt his chances of becoming the next president.
“A president has a lot of power. He can pardon anyone he wants. He could even get your owl out of his cage” Keene tells her. He doesn’t mean ‘Who’ either. He means her ex, Dan Drieberg, The Nite Owl.
So, of course, she agrees.

AT the FBI briefing of the investigation she meets a young agent who’s responsible for working the slide projector. He inserts a slide that shows a page from Rorshack’s journal which the 7th Kavalsry have twisted to support their agenda. The FBI chief dismisses it and yells at the guy, “Nobody cares about Rorshack!” When Lori says she wants to go to Tulsa by herself the chief objects so Lori says she’ll take the young slide projector runner, Agent Petey.

On the plane headed to Tulsa, they get a good view of The Millennium Clock. Petey recites a line from the Shelly poem ‘Ozymandias’; “Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair.”. Petey says that Lady Trieu said this line in her commemoration speech for the project and that it was meant as a shout out to Adrian Veidt aka Ozymandias. Petey tries to get Lori to talk about Veidt but she won’t have it. She thinks he’s just a fan boy seeking an autograph. He tells her that before he ran slide projectors for the FBI he had a PHD in history and knows a lot about her and her old boyfriend, Dr. Manhattan. She says she knew Veidt and doesn’t like him much either.

On the ground, Lori seeks out Looking Glass (Tim Blake Nelson) and he confirms that Angela is Sister Night and it was she that beat the info out of the Kavalry prisoner that led to the attack on the farm in episode one. She finds out that Judd’s funeral is that day and Angela is giving the eulogy. “Oh, in that case I better put on something darker”, she says. Lori’s dark humor is evident throughout. This is a very bitter person.

She introduces herself to Angela at the cemetary and wants to get together for a coffee. Angela takes her card reluctantly. “Anti-vigilante Task Force”, she reads. “You know what the difference between a vigilante in a mask and a cop in a mask is?” Lori asks Angela. “No” Angela answers. “Neither do I” Lori says. Angela tosses her card on the card.

Angela and Judd told each other what they wanted the other to say at their funeral and apparently Judd wanted her to sing The Last Round Up, an old Gene Autrey song. Meanwhile, a Kavalry follower comes up throug a tunnel inside a mausoleum and puts on a suicide vest. He walks up to the funeral and demands that the senator come with him. The cops made sure to confiscate everyone’s guns except Lori has an ankle gun and she shoots the Kavalry suicide bomber in the head. Unfortunatley, his vest bomb is triggered. Angela grabs the guy and drags him into the empty grave and pushed Judd’s coffin on top of him. The bomb goes off and Judd’s body is blown to bits!

Meanwhile, Veidt is doing experiments with Mr. Phillips, some sort of time travel experiment. But it fails, Mr. Phillips ends up frozen in a suit of armor. Veidt decides he needs a thicker cover and goes buffalo hunting but is shot at by someone. He is in a prison of some kind and this person is his warden. Who is powerful enough to keep Ozymandias as a prisoner?

Lori confronts Angela in the mausoleum where the Kavalry terrorists came up through. Angela is still playing coy but Lori seems to know what’s up. She ain’t no dummy. But Angela is not intimidated. Lori tells Angela that they find a secret compartment in Judd’s closet with a bust but nothing else. Angela must have taken the KKK outfit and hidden it. Lori also knows that a wheelchair was at the scene of Judd’s hanging. Angela continues to play dumb

Lori retires to the hotel. We finally see what was in her silver briefcase; An Esquire magazing with a cover of Dr. Manhattan and Lori and a huge blue dildo, Dr. Manhattan size, I suppose. But instead of using the dildo she decides to knock on Agent Petey’s door and she ends up in his bed. I’m sure he was thrilled.

We end the episode with Lori’s phone call to Mars and ends with her joke about the brick layer’s daughter. She toosess the brick in the air and it lands on God’s head and kills him. And where does God end up when he dies? He goes to hell. The call ends and Lori exits the blue phone booth and all of a sudden a car falls out of the sky and down in front of her. It’s Angela’s car. Lori looks up in the sky and sees a giant red ball. Could this have been a sign from Dr. Manhattan? Lori thinks so. She starts laughing uncontrolably.


Lori seems to have nothing but disdain for her previous life. She’s adopted her biological father’s persona.

She tells Angela “I eat good guys for breakfast”

What happened to her? What happened with her relationship with Dan? The Nite Owl? What soured her on being a masked avenger?

Andy Warhol did a painting of the Watchmen (Dr, Manhattan, Nite Owl, Silk Spectre, The Comedian)
Lori has it on her wall in her apartment

This was an awesome episode!

5 Things I Think I Know

1 First off, I have no idea where this is headed

2 Lori will team up with Sister Night at some point and wear her Silk Spectre outfit again

3 Judd’s wife and Lori are related somehow.

4 Judd will turn out to be Angela’s father. That’s why he changed to a good guy.

5 It was Lori that put her boyfriend, The Nite Owl in prison