Paul Mendoza

If you’ve seen the first two films you’ll sail right into this one as the violence begins immediately and never stops! There are references to breaking the rules, and hurting dogs and gold coins and markers and loads of flowing blood and broken bones.

And if you haven’t seen the first two films you’ll enjoy number three just fine.

The plot is simple. At the end of JW2 our hero broke a major rule. He killed someone in neutral ground, specifically, on the grounds of the safe haven for assassins, The Continental run by Ian McShane. He’s given an hour head start and then a worldwide contract is out our on his head. It seems everyone and their mother is an assassin in this world. JW is on The run with his new dog and trying to survive.

The rest of the movie is just an excuse for some amazing fight sequences sprinkled with healthy amounts of humor and gore. Keanu Reeves is perfect for this part. He doesn’t have to do more than look like his ulcer is flaring up. There are some good cameos by Halle Berry, Angelica Huston and Jerome Flynn (Bronn of Game Of Thrones) and strong support from Ian McShane, Laurence Fishburn, Lance Reddick and Asia Kate Dillon (Billions).

Some of the best bits happen between Reeves and Mark Decascos as a hit man called Zero. Decascos really seems to be having a ball! Directed by Chad Stahelski as he has the previous two, the movie zooms along like a freight train to hell.

The violence was too much for some of the ladies that I watched with and I admit, by the end I felt that I had had my fill. This isn’t a Tarantino film where the violence is plentiful but the dialogue is deliciously good. This is pure popcorn and guts Summer flick. You won’t remember much after but it sure gets your blood moving.