Paul Mendoza

This episode is a roller coaster. We go through many different emotions in this super sized episode. It’s amazing how much happens and how many twists and turns transpire before it’s over. I was leaning forward in my seat for a lot of this and by the time it ended I felt a sense of dread.


“They were the shields that guarded the realms of men, and we shall never see their like again.” Jon

The survivors gather to say their farewells to those who fell. Dany kisses Jorah on the forehead and whispers something to him a la Bill Murray in Lost In Translation. We will never know what it is but we can guess that it was very personal and touching. Sansa also has a private goodbye with Theon, she takes a Stark Wolf pin from her pocket and places it on Theon. He was family. Jon, Dany, Grey Worm, Tormand, Sansa and Sam take torches and light up the funeral pyres representing their respective groups.

There are thousands of bodies on those pyres. More survived than I thought would, however. I was surprised how emotional I got just seeing Jorah and Theon and Lyanna Mormont lying dead on those pyres.


“To Arya Stark! The hero of Winterfell!” Dany toasting Arya

As usual, after a funeral, there is a feast. It’s a pretty somber affair until Dany calls out Gendry who’s only concern is wondering where Arya is. I was nervous at first, was Dany ready to start cleaning house? She calls him out for being the son of Robert Baratheon who wanted her dead. He’s nervous as hell until her tone shifts and she dubs him Gendry Baratheon and tells him that he is now lord of Storm’s End. Everyone cheers and suddenly this funeral dinner has become a victory celebration!

The party is broken up into groups; Davos tells Tyrion about Mellisandre, Bran tells Tyrion he doesn’t want to be lord of Winterfell. Also, someone comes to wheel Bran away and it almost feels like he has no say in the matter. It was a very strange moment. The Hound teases Gendry about wanting to find Arya. Tyron, Jamie, Pod and Brienne get drunk and play Tyrion’s drinking game.

Jon is surrounded by a gaggle of men including Tormand, Davos and the shows producer/writers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss disguised as Northerners. Tornado is singing Jon’s praises. Dany looks around and feels isolated. No one surrounding her and praising her. She is surrounded by men, men who look to Jon Snow as the hero. She gets up and leaves the party as Varys watches her with much concern.

Sansa sits with The Hound who is only interested in eating and drinking. “I heard you were broken in rough” The Hound says to her. Sansa tells him that she took care of Ramsey herself. “How?” he asks. “Hounds” she tells him and this actually makes him smile. “You’ve changed, little bird.” he says.

“Without Littlefinger and Ramsay and the rest, I would’ve stayed a little bird all my life.” Sansa tells him.

Gendry finds Arya who is practicing her archery, of course. He kisses her, tell her she’s beautiful and that he loves her and asks her to marry him. It’s very sweet but, damn, man, you only slept with her once! He asks her to be the lady of Storm’s End. Aya kisses him and nicely declines his offer.

“I’m not a Lady, I never have been. That’s not me.” Arya tells him which echoes what she told her father in season one.

Brienne is drunk and laughing as Pod looks on and Tyrion and Jamie play their game. It’s all good and well until Tyrion crosses the line. “You’re a virgin”. Brienne shuts down and tries to leave but is stopped by Tormand. he makes another pass but fails yet again. Brienne leaves and Jamie follows her. Then, it actually happens. And just like that Brienne is no longer a virgin.


Dany comes to Jon’s room. He’s drunk but not too drunk. She tells him that she loves him and asks if that’s alright. They start kissing and it seems for a moment that it will be until Jon suddenly stops and pulls away. She’s absolutely fine with being with a relative , that’s who the Targaryens are. Even though Jon is also a Targaryen he was raised a Stark and that is just not done. Her plan B is for Jon to never tell anyone who he really is. She begs him not to but Jon was raised by Ned Stark and feels he needs to tell Sansa and Arya.

“I owe them the truth.” Jon
“Even if the truth destroys us?” Dany
“You are my Queen, nothing will change that.” Jon

This does not bode well. Her paranoia is going to spike and then she could become The Mad Queen.


“We’re family, the four of us. The last of the Starks.” Ayra to Jon.

With over half their armies gone their plan has to change. Dany wants to start marching to Kings Landing immediately but Sansa suggest allowing some time to recover from the last battle. This makes sense, they must be exhausted. Dany shoots her daggers. Jon backs Dany and says they will do whatever she wants. He’ll march the army to surround King’s Landing. Dany will escort their ships back to Dragonstone and will put up a blockade to keep anything from going in or out of Kings Landing. The idea is starve them out and force the people to turn on Cersei. Before Jon can leave the room Arya stops him and says they need a family meeting.

Sansa and Arya and Bran meet Jon by the weirwood tree. Sansa and Arya do not trust Dany. Jon then decides he has to tell them but makes them swear not to tell a soul. Then tells Bran to tell them. But we don’t see that scene. Interesting choice.

Jamie decides to stay at Winterfell with Brienne. He’s drinking with Tyrion and Tyrion is asking Jamie for details of his tryst with Brienne when surprise surprise! Look who shows up! Bron of the Blackwater! And he’s holding the cross bow. He tells them that Cersei has promised him Riverrun to assassinate both of them. He doesn’t think Cersei will beat Dany but he wants to make a deal just in case. Tyron offers him High Garden. He accepts their word and slinks off into the night.

The next morning The Hound is leaving Winterfell and Arya joins him. They both have unfinished business in Kings Landing and neither plan on returning to Winterfell. Looks like Clean Bowl is on! Aya plans on killing Cersei or is she? She now knows who Jon really is and I doubt she would be leaving forever without making a plan with Sansa. These two do make a wonderful pair.

“You’re going to leave me to die again if I get hurt?”

Tyron has a talk with Sansa. Sansa does not want Jon to go to Kings Landing. The Starks have a bad history there. He tries to convince Sansa to trust Dany but she cannot. So she breaks her promise to Jon and tells Tyrion the secret. “What if there’s someone else? Someone better?”

Jon and Tormand say their goodbyes. Tornado is head back to Castle Black. Jon tells him to take Ghost with him. Jon says goodbye to Sam and Gilly. He discovers that Gilly is pregnant. Something we all wondered since we first saw Gilly this season. But the big thing that didn’t happen was that Jon did not go over and say goodbye to Ghost! Just go over and pet him for goddsake! What is the matter with you??


“She’s a girl who walked into a fire with three stones and walked out with three dragons. How could she not believe in destiny?” Tyron to Various

Of course, Tyrion tells Varys who Jon really is. Sansa knew he would. Once Varys knows everyone will know.

Then the unthinkable happens. Rhaegal gets shot with a spear, then another and then a third through its throat. It comes crashing down into the sea. That caught me off guard!!! Looks like Qyburn has improved his ‘scorpion’. Euron pulled the trigger but all his ships have them mounted on their bough. Once Dany rode off on Drogon, Euron destroys Dany’s fleet and the survivors wash up on the shore.

Back at the Capital, Cersei is told the good news. She tells them to leave the gates open to let more people in. If Dany comes to burn it all down she will kill thousands of innocents. Cerise tells Euron she’s pregnant and says it’s his. Then we see that they have captured Missendei.

Dany is now determined to attack the Capital with Drogon but Varys yells her point blank that it’s a mistake. Tyrion convinces her to allow them to make one last stab at diplomacy. A hail mary if ever there was one.

Varys has always been concerned about Dany. Varys proposes that perhaps they should back Jon instead. Tyron reminds him that Varys has served many monarchs and his loyalty is questionable. But Varys has made his decision. Tyron still believes in Dany. Things are getting tricky.

Back at Winterfell, Sansa and Brienne receive the terrible news. Jamie walks up and they tell him.

“I always wanted to be there when they execute your sister. Seems I won’t get the chance” Sansa says to him.

Later that night, as Brienne lay asleep in bed, Jamie seeks off and readies his horse. Brienne comes out in her nightgown and begs him not to leave. But his bond with his sister is strong, too strong to stay away. Is he going to her because he loves her, for the sake of the bay or to kill her?


“You’re not a monster, I know this. I know this because I’ve seen it. You’ve always loved your children, more than yourself, more than Jaime, more than anything. I beg you, if not for yourself, then for your child.” Tyrion to Cersei

Cerise stands on top of the city wall. Missendei standing there. The Mountain and Euron behind her. The walls have ‘scorpions’ mounted all along it. Dany was right about the longer she waited to attack the stronger he enemies would be. Cersei has taken advantage very well.

Dany shows up at the city gate with a very small army of Unsullied. Qyburn comes out to parlay with Tyrion. They each ask the other to surrender. But Qyburn has the stronger argument here; they have lost a dragon and the other is vulnerable to their weapons, their armies are depleted and battle weary. Tyron decides to talk directly to Cersei and marches up to the gate. The archers draw and point their arrows but Cersei decides not to kill him. He tries to appeal to her, he tries to reason with her. he says she isn’t a monster because she loved her children and is about to have another. But Tyrion is being naive. She is a monster. And she proves it when she has The Mountain behead Missendei. Her head and her body fall from the platform and on the ground in front of Tyrion. Grey Worm looks away. Dany is filled with rage and grief. But Missendei was given the chance to have her last words. She chose only one.


Dany heard her. And she intends to light up the joint.


I’ve never seen Jon look so happy in the the whole 8 seasons as he does celebrating at the feast. It doesn’t last long though.

“You weigh as much as two fleas fucking” Tormand to Jon

Pod gets lucky at the feast! As does Tormand with a pretty Northern girl! The Hound scares his girl away.

Ok. So someone left a Starbuck’s cup on the set. It happens. I bet the person who left it feels awful!

I feel bad for Dany. She’s done nothing but lose since arriving in Westeros. Even though she helped beat the Night King that wasn’t the war she wanted to fight and she’s lost most of her army, two dragons and her closest friends. It seems so sad to have followed her and rooting for her to see her fail in the end. Or even if she wins what will she have left?

Something tells me that Episode 6 is going to happen after a time jump. I think Episode 5 will be a finale and 6 will be 10 years later.


1 It seems obvious that Arya is planning on killing Cersei bit I think her target is Dany.

2 Jamie will kill Euron but won’t be able to kill Cersei not while she’s carrying their child.

3 I hear talk of a fourth dragon coming out of nowhere but I don’t see how that’s possible. But I think they do make dragon armor for Drogon.

4 Dany will burn down the Red Keep

5 Dany will kill Varys for being disloyal.