Paul Mendoza

“The things we do for love”

If this was your last night on Earth what would you do and who would you spend it with? Things are moving fast even though the army of the dead does not. There is no time to waste in these last six episodes and Episode 2 is the calm before the storm but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any fireworks.

Jamie stands before Dany, Jon and Sansa. Dany wants to punish him for killing her father. Jamie tells them that Cersei is not sending her army to help and has brought in the Golden Company to fight for her should any of them survive. Dany is not only furious with Jamie but also with Tyrion. It looks like Sansa agrees with Dany until Brienne steps up and vouches for Jamie. Sansa is persuaded to let him stay and Dany looks at her with such venom! When she turns to “the warden of the North” Jon simply says “We need every man we can get”. So Dany reluctantly agrees to allow him to stay but she dresses down Tyrion and alludes to changing Hands and looks at Jorah. In private, Jorah defends Tyrion and advises she forgive him his mistakes. He also advises her to reach out to Lady Sansa. They need to be on the same team.


“He never should have trusted Cersei.” Dany
“You shouldn’t have either.” Sansa

Dany does a good job of finding common ground with her and assuring her that she loves Jon and even though her main desire is to win the Iron Throne here she was, in the North fighting Jon’s war. Sansa seems to accept Dany’s sincerity but she doesn’t lose sight of what she desire. “What happens afterwards?” she asks. Her desire is that the North be free and independent. “What about the North”
Dany turns cold and doesn’t asnswer but we know the answer. She must have complete control of the Seven Kingdoms. Their little talk gets interrupted when Theon Greyjoy arrives. He bends the knee to Dany but asks Sansa’s permission to fight for Winterfell. Sansa starts crying and rushes to hug Theon. Dany watches and you can see that she is threatened. Sansa is the one that people love and will follow not her.


“How do you know there is an afterwards?” Bran

Jamie apologizes to Bran but Bran isn’t Bran anymore so he’s not angry. But what should we make of Bran’s quote? Is he saying that Jamie won’t survive the battle or that none of them do.


”So, I’m going to die at Winterfell” Tyrion

The brothers reunited! Jamie confirms that Cersei is pregnant. Tyron says something interesting. He says “Maybe once I’m dead I’ll return to King’s Landing and rip Her (Cersei) apart”. In the prophesy, Cersei is told that she will be killed by the Valonqar which means ‘little brother’. Nothing is said without a reason.


“I’m not the fighter I used to be” Jamie

Jamie goes to Brienne and asks if she would allow him to fight with her on the left flank. She agrees. So much is said between them with just their eyes. So much has passed between them and I think she loves him and if not love, he deeply admires and respects her.


“Whoever is not here now is with them” Tormand

Tornado, Beric and Edd arrive at Winterfell but before Jon can hit Edd he’s tackled by Tormand. “My little crow”, Tormand calls him affectionately. Tornado tells Jon that the Night King is on the way and that they found House Umber destroyed and they all now fight for the dead, They have only until morning before the dead arrive.

Ser Davos is serving up soup and instructing as many able bodied people as possible to arms themselves and ready for the battle. A little girl comes up to him, half her face covered with scars and says that her brothers were fighters and that she wants to fight. Gill comes along and says she and her son will ne in the Crypt and they’d feel much safer if she were there to protect them. The little girl agrees to protect the Crypt. Davos clearly sees Shireen in this little girl.

Grey Worm tells Missendei that after Dany is on the Iron Throne he will take her where she wants to go which is back to her homeland. She wants to see the beach again.


“An endless night” what Bran says the Night King wants

Jon’s plan is to kill the Night King (Duh!) and the rest of the army of the dead should fall. But how to get close to him? Bran offers to be bait. The Night King has marked him and has tried to kill him and other Three Eyed Ravens before. He wants to destroy this world and by killing the Three Eyed raven he destroys all the knowledge of the past with him.

“That’s what death is, forgetting and being forgotten” Sam

Then offers to stay with Bran to protect him along with the iron born that came with him. Jon tells everyone to get some rest and as everyone shuffles off he simply addresses Dany with a short “Your grace” and leaves. Dany is confused but she won’t be for long.

When the room clears Tyrion pulls up a chair and asks Bran to tell him his story. I wonder if he told him anything that could be useful later?

Jon, Edd and Sam and Ghiost meet up on the Winterfell ramparts and think about those brothers they lost and how they are the only ones left. Jon tells Sam he should go to the Crypts with Gilly and littlle Sam, to protect them. Sam reminds them he was the first to kill a white walker.

“Samwell Tarly. Slayer of White Walkers. Lover of ladies. As if we needed any more reason to know the world is ending.” Edd


Who would have guessed that there would be so much heat generated between Arya and Gentry! She watches him at work as steam literally fills up the screen. She wants to know if he’s made her weapon but he hasn’t. She then proceeds to demonstrate her talent for tossing dragon glass knives like darts perfectly spaced which impresses Gentry.

“My weapon?”
“I’ll get right on it” Gendry hops to.

Arya finds the Hound and questions why he’s there. “When was the last time you fought for anyone but yourself?” she asks.  “I fought for you, didn’t I?” he answers. Look they care for each other, no question. I hope they both make it through the battle. I’d like to see them both acknowledge it. Brice shows up and spoils the mood. Aya decides she has better things to do and somebody else she’d like to spend her final hours with.

Later in the episode, Gentry is seen lurking about while Arya practices her archery. He has brought her the weapon she wanted, a spear with dragon glass point.

“We’re going to die soon . I want to know what it’s like before that happens.” Ayra

Before Gendry can say a word Arya kisses him and before you know it they are frantically taking each other’s clothes off. Aya shoves him onto some sacks of rice or something and tells him to take his pants off. She takes off her shirt and Gendry sees the large scars she has across her back and stomach, thanks to The Waif, mainly. Then they get down to business. Totally surprised but happy for both of them. It’s about time Arya enjoyed something other than revenge and killing plus what else should you do on what may be your last night on Earh.


“I killed a giant when I was ten then I climbed right into bed with his wife. When she woke up do You know what she did? Suckled me at her teat for three month’s. She thought I was a baby. That’s how I so strong. Giant’s milk.” Tormand

Oh my God! I never laughed so hard, especially watching Game of Thrones!

This little gathering started with just Tyrion and Jamie drinking by the fire then are joined by Brienne and Pod. See Davos and Tormand quickly follow. Davos is just looking to warm up by the fire and Tormand brought his own horn of whatever it is he drinks, spoiled goat’s milk? He tried to impress Brienne with that story about the giant and then downs some of what was in his horn, the rest dribbles down his beard.


Tyrion says he thinks they’ll all survive which makes Davos laugh but Tyrion has a point. They’ve all survived great battles in the past, why not another? The fact that Brienne is not a knight is brought up which shocks Tormand. Women aren’t allowed to be knights because of tradition. “Fuck tradition” he says. Then Jamie says you don’t need a king to make you a knight, another knight can do it. He draws his sword and calls Brienne over. At first, she chuckles but Jamie persists. She then gets up, goes over to Jamie and kneels. Jamie says the words and touches her shoulder with his sword and makes the decree.

“Arise, Brienne of Tarth, a Knight of the Seven Kingdoms.” – Jaime

The others start applauding and Brienne staynds before them and flashes a huge smile. I can hardly remember her smiling before and if so, never this wide. It was a wonderful, touching moment. It makes me worry about her safety in the next episode

Outside Sam tentatively approaches as Jorah and Lyanna Mormont arguing. He wants her to go to safety in the Crypt but she refuses. She wants to fight. He has to acquiesce to her decision. “I wish you good fortune, cousin” she turns and says to him. Sam approaches Jorah and presents him with Heartsbane, the Tarley family sword.

“You still have a family” Jorah tells him.

But Sam knows it would do mote good in the hands of a warrior. It’s another touching moment in an episode overflowing with them.


“If that were true, it would make you the last male heir of House Targaryen. You’d have claim to the Iron Throne.” – Dany to Jon

After having avoided her all episode Dany finally had Jon cornered in the Crypt as Jon stood in front of the statue of his mother, Lyanna Stark. Dany recalls how she was always told that her brother Rhaegar was a kind man who loved to sing and give money to poor kids but yet still rsaped Lyanna. Jon corrects her. “He didn’t. He loved her.” Jon proceeds to tell her the story, his story. “My name, my real name is Agon Targaryen.” Dany, visibly shaken, moves away from him. She questions how this could be possible and that the information has been provided by his brother and best friend. But Jon is convinced that it’s true. Dany knows what this means. There is no talk about them, their relationship, their love, none of that. She’s thinking he is going to keep me from sitting on the Iron Throne. Before anything more can be said, the horns starting blaring. They meet Tyrion on the ramparts and know that the time has come. The dead are here. We see the white walkers lined up across the snowy landscape as they eye the only source of light in the distance. Winter fell


“We’re all going to die but I’ll least we’ll die together” Tormand says as he looks lovingly at Brienne. I’m worried about how this battle is going to go. This whole episode is so moving and tender and filled with melancholy. I fear they weill lose this battle. But I don’t know how they stop the dead if they lose at Winterfell. This would mean that the Night King will make his way to King’s Landing and another battle would occur there. The only way out would be to kill The Night King somehow.

“I’m not spending my final hours with you two miserable shits” Arya to The Hound and Beric.

“Is the big woman still here?” Tormand

Grey Worm and Missendei kiss goodbye. Gulp.


The song that Pod sings and is heard through the closing credits is Jenny Of Oldstones. It’s performed by Florence and The Machine in the closing credits.


1 Grey Worm is going to die. Never make plans for the future before a big battle.

2 Daenerys is turning into the Mad Queen

3 Arya will kill The Night King

4 Ghost will sacrifice himself to save Jon

5 Many will die in the next episode. Grey Worm, Beric Donderrion, Tormand, Theon, Lyanna Mormont, Ser Vavos to name a few.