Paul Mendoza

A lot happening in this episodes two track, two timeline stories. In one, we get to know Alpha (Samantha Morton) a little more and just how strong Henry feels for Lydia and in the other, we get a good old fashioned action adventure with The Kingdom and a scary movie theater with a rock n roll score! A first, I think, for the show! We get more Jerry! And why is Jesus still alive?

“Maggie’s not the biggest fan of Michonne right now” Jesus

The episode opens with a brief flashback. as we see Jesus and Alana meet up with King Ezekiel, Carol (with shorter hair) and Jerry who just announced that his wife is ‘preggers’ with their first child! They are picking up some medical supplies from the Kingdom, apparently there was some outbreak of illness at Hilltop. Maggie and Michonne are feuding and Tara hands King Ezekiel the document that Michonne had drawn up that would be the new constitution of principles. I suppose once Rick died she gave up on that concept but had already created the document.


“It’s movie time!” Jerry

Jerry now has three kids! Love is in the air at The Kingdom! The King and Queen (”Don’t call me that!” says Carol) are the biggest lovebirds of them all! Ezekiel just melts in Carol’s presence and Carol loves his puppy dog eyes and wagging tail. But Carol is not happy about the King’s decision to go off on a mission to retrieve a film projector bulb from a decrepit old theater (The Royal) as a herd of walkers approaches. He didn’t even want to tell her about it because she would have put a stop to it but once she finds out, of course, she insists on tagging along.

It had been 5 years since their last projector bulb burned out. Ezekiel wants to give the ‘gift of joy and lifelong friendship” back to his community and all the new children that have been born on the last 5 years. So Jerry pops a cassette in his boom box and they begin the assault on The Royal!

Jerry finds a bulb and carefully wraps it and then drops it into the theater when a walker surprises him. Ezekiel is disappointed but willing to leave it because of the oncoming walker herd. Then the ‘Queen’ surprises him by saying they should get what they came for and there’s only 30 or so walkers in that theater so they could do it! That is love!

Ezekiel also decides he wants to take one of the glass encasements meant for displaying movie posters so he can put Michonne’s constitution in it, again, for The Fair. So at the end of this story Ezekiel places Michonne’s document in the poster case. It is meant for all surviving communities (including The Sanctuary) to sign it.


“Wrong answer!!” Alpha

Alpha just wants her daughter back. Daryl is dead set against it but he really has no choice once Alpha offers to return Alden and Luke in exchange. But Henry doesn’t want to let Lydia be given back so he takes off with her which means they have to be found before Alpha does anything to Alden and Luke.

One of the Whisperers brought a baby for some reason and when a herd of actual walkers come along she is forced to set the baby down on the grown because she can’t keep it from crying. They were perfectly willing to sacrifice a baby! We’re almost in “The Road” territory now. Good thing Connie is hiding in the wheat field and dashes out to save the baby. She manages to fend off walkers and we get to see her POV as a hearing impaired person trying to defend herself. Daryl eventually comes along to help her out and bring her back to safety.

Enid finds Henry and Lydia and tries to convince him to let Lydia be traded for Luke and Alden. Henry does not want to do it but, to her credit, Lydia proves to be brave and agrees to the trade and gives Henry a tender kiss goodbye.

Daryl brings Lydia out to Alpha and they make the prisoner exchange.

“Sorry, momma.” Lydia says just before Alpha slaps her. Shen then brings her in for a big hug,
“You call me Alpha, just like all the rest” Alpha says sweetly in Lydia’s ear.

Tammy and Earl are still around. Earl’s arthritis and tendinitis is kicking up and he sure would love to retire if only his new apprentice could stay out of jail and trouble long enough to learn the trade. At least they get the baby to take care of.

“I can’t live with it” Henry and Connie (both In written form)

Meanwhile, Henry takes off after Lydia. The idiot! The things men do for love! So Daryl and Dog have to take off after him. Connie wants to go along and eventually does despite Daryl’s protestations. I think these two would make a good couple. neither one of them talk much.


What is that symbol we see as Ezekiel and Carol ride into town? Khary Payton on Talking Dead alluded that it represents yet another group of survivors.

I love the King Ezekiel – Jerry relationship. The business with Jerry’s gum getting on Ezekiel’s jacket and Jerry just grabbing it and putting it back in his mouth was great! “Jeeeerrrrry!”

There is a lot of build up happening for The Fair. You know that this is going to happen in the season finale and it’s going to be a shit show.

Zombie Kill Of The Week! (ZKOW): Concession stand zombie! Popcorn Machine Zombie! The King for the win!

“Cobra Strike!”

Henry brings up the scars on daryl’s back and says “I know what you had to do in Alexandria……” before daryl interrupts him. What DID happen? I believe we will see flashbacks about that before the end of the season.


1 Looks like Henry will not become a blacksmith anytime soon.

2 Tara needs a new love interest. Perhaps a love triangle with Yumiko and Magna!

3 The Whisperers are going to want that baby back.

4 We better find out what’s going on with Negan in the next episode.

5 King Ezekiel is going to die in the season finale! People that much in love and happy in the zombie apocalypse cannot be allowed to be happy too long. Maggie? Glenn?