Paul Mendoza


When an episode opened with Rick visiting a graveyard, telling Michonne that she is the leader of Alexandria, makes some baby making morning love and then spends the morning playing with Judith and reading to her from The Wizard of Oz, you know all of this is getting up for the loss of Rick Grimes. It was all he calm before the storm and that storm looks to be pretty intense.

The pre-opening credits scene showed us what happened to Savior Justin and also answered a question I’m sire many of us had; Why do walkers eat some people completely and not others? Well, Savior Justin is lying there dead and being feasted on before those walkers suddenly stop and move along. We then see Savior Justin rise a zombie!!! They feasted on him until he turned and became one of them and hence no longer appetizing.

When Maggie runs into Walker Savior Justin on her way to bring food from Hilltop to Sanctuary it causes a huge problem. Justin was clearly murdered and the prime suspects are Daryl and Ann/Jadis. Violence was about to break out at the Tent City when Rick came riding in to break it up. But the divisions are widening. Saviors are going missing, presumed dead and Rick needs to find out what is happening to them or risk losing the peace he has fought so hard to keep.

Rick and Carol team up while Maggie and Daryl team up to investigate the recent Savior disappearances. This leads to two great scenes.

Carol gets taken by a Savior and has a knife put to her throat while Rick pulls his gun and tries to talk him down. Is carol scared? Hello, no! She’s got a knife up her sleeve, literally! Rick sees it and outs down his gun, the Savior relaxes and that’s when Carol strikes!! He doesn’t kill him, though, because, for Rick and Carol, “every life counts.”

Meanwhile, Maggie and Daryl figure out what’s been happening to the missing Saviors and it ain’t pretty. Cyndie and some other Oceanside’s have been taking revenge on those Saviors that killed their men and family. Cyndie has Arat on her knees is about to put her to death when maggie and Daryl come along. Cyndie tells them that Arat is the one that murdered her 11 year old brother. Arat tries to say she was just following Simon’s orders but that old chestnut doesn’t fly with maggie and daryl. They turn and walk away as Cyndie kills Arat behind them.

Cyndie told Maggie that her hanging of Gregory made up their minds that justice was needed and that they were justified in killing these Saviors. Maggie and daryl agree. They tried it Rick’s way and it hasn’t worked, in their eyes. “Let’s go see Negan” and off they go down the road to Alexandria.

The side story had Gabriel follow Anne back to the garbage heap where she has a walkie talkie and calls the people with the helicopter. She wants to be picked up but they need payment in the form of an ‘A’ or a ‘B’. She had been trading people for supplies. But what is an ‘A’? Does this have anything to do with the cannibals from Terminus or are they an offshoot of The Saviors/ Or are they a whole other group of baddies? Unfortunately, for Gabriel, his snooping around gets him in the outs with his almost lover and she captures him for the trade.


I love Jerry asking Rick “Are we doing a Gregory or a Negan?” This is the current dilemma. Every life counts but how will justice be metered out? What happened to Gregory was harsh but necessary.

The scene between Rick and Daryl was on of their best. two good friends that go away back seriously disagree on how to move forward and both have good points. But Rick looks like he’s going to lose this argument.


1 We won’t see the helicopter again until the midseason finale.

2 Rick will be killed by Maggie!

3 Carol vs Daryl! Will provide some great scenes!

4 Gabriel will have to kill Anne/Jadis

5 Negan will be let loose at the Midseason finale!