Paul Mendoza

The Ocean films were stylish and suave and good fun. The new all female version delivers the same goods! Sandra Bullock is just as enigmatic as Cooney. Cate Blanchett doesn’t get too much to do but it’s obvious that she and Bullock’s character are sometimes lovers which is an interesting twist. Director Gary Ross does a fine job but he is no Steven Soderbergh but that’s OK. This is a breezy, fun caper film with a great cast. I assume there will be two more sequels and I expect them to improve with each chapter.

The plot follows the formula of the other Ocean films. Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock), Clooney’s danny Ocean’s sister, gets out of jail, teams up with her best friend Lou (Cate Blanchett) and immediately plots to steal a diamond necklace worth 150 million at the Met Gala, They put together a squad of thieves including Helena Bonham Carter as a washed up fashion designer, Rhianna as a crackerjack hacker, Mindy Kaling as a jewelry maker, Sarah Paulsen, a compulsive thief now homemaker, and newcomer Awkwafina, as a street hustler and expert pickpocket. Their target is a movie star with a huge ego, played wonderfully by Anne Hathaway.

The putting the band together sequence is always fun. The heist itself is also clever and exciting. There is also a good twist at the end. he music and visuals match the previous films. James Corden pops in as the insurance agent investigating the robbery and is fine. There are even a couple of cameos from the other films to tie them together. But where’s Danny? Well, supposedly, he died in 2018. But, come one. My guess is by Oceans’s 10 we will see Clooney make his appearance and join his sister for one last HUGE heist!