Paul Mendoza

“A strange new light can be just as frightening as the dark.” Delores

I know a lot of people were confused by the season premiere. It did present a lot of know information as well as two different time lines. Well, Episode Two puts the pedal to the metal and it’s full stream ahead with additional timelines and incredible new information about the real intention of the Delos Corporation investing in the park. And much, much more.

Timeline 1 – Before the opening of The Park – Estimate 35+ years Ago

Arnold and Ford made a presentation to Logan Delos in order to get the Delos Corporation to make an investment. They bring Angela and Delores to the mainland for this. So Delores has seen the outside world! Arnold shows her the house he’s building for his family so his son Charlie is still alive. Arnold mentions that he’s building the house to have his family closer to the park so this place most be Hong Kong or Thailand?

“It looks like the stars have been scattered across the ground. Have you ever seen anything so full of splendor?” Delores

Delores is astounded about this world and you can see she’s very evolved already at this point but her improvisational skills are not yet developed. Arnold is very protective of Delores, obviously his favorite and tells Ford she’s not ready to be the main attraction in the demo for Logan so they use Angela instead. Logan, of course, is very impressed and sleeps with Angela as part of the ‘demo’. Arnold did not want to use Delores in this way.

Timeline 2 – After the opening of The Park – Estimate 30 Years Ago

We see another glimpse of the past. William and James Delos are in the park. Teddy and Delores are frozen in front of them on the streets of Sweetwater. William makes his pitch to Delos on why investing in Westworld is good business. William sells the idea that the guests are the most important thing to consider. They will make them believe that they can do what they please there and no one will know but in fact, they will keep tabs on all the guests actions in the park to be used for other purposes.

Estimate 25 or so Years Ago

We see a retirement party at the Delos mansion a few years later. Delos is obviously sick and William is poised to take over. Delores has been brought in as the entertainment, to play the piano at the party. Delores runs into Logan by the pool and we see that he has become a junkie. But he insinuates to Delores that William and his father have made a mistake with The Park and that it will all come down around them. We also see William’s wife and young daughter, Emily. Emily approaches Delores and says she’s beautiful. Who does Emily grow up to be?

“You really are just a thing. I can’t believe I fell in love with you” William

The last scene we see from the past is so sad. William has Delores in what seems to be the main control center we’re all familiar with. He can now see that she is not real and just a ’thing’. But his adventure with her has focused him on himself and he shows her a part of the park that is under construction that represents his master plan.

The things is that Present Day Delores remembers ALL of this now. Everything that was said in front of her and shown to her that they thought would be wiped clean from her memory she has retained.

Timeline 3 – The Aftermath of Ford being shot – Estimate Two Weeks Ago

Delores, Teddy, Angela and their cohorts arrive at the Control Center. Teddy finally faces what they are and what has been done with them. He is shown is past which is many pictures of the many times he’s been killed. Delores enlist one of the few remaining technicians to join them on their quest for the ‘valley beyond”. She has the tech bring back to life a confederate soldier.

“Revenge is just a different prayer and altar, darling and I’m well off my knees. “ Maeve

They run into Maeve, Hector and Sizemore. Is this the reunion of the title? They remember each other though both are very different these days. Delores wants Maeve to come with them but Maeve has her own plans and since they are both free she asks Delores to let her pass. Delores does so, reluctantly.

Delores uses the reanimated Confederate soldier to make contact with a small band of soldiers in order have them lead her to the entire army. The army she needs to get to wherever she’s going. These guys, of course, have no use for a woman and so Delores, Teddy and Angela have to kill them all then she has the tech bring them back to life. Point made. God is dead. Now they have Delores.

“Glory, the valley beyond. Seems like everyone’s got a different name for it, but they’re all bound for the same destination.” Teddy

Meanwhile William needs allies of his own and he finds his old friend Lawrence, hanging upside down above an ant hill. William shoots the three fellas that were planning on torturing Lawrence. But one of them isn’t dead and attacks William. Lawrence manages to swing his way over to a gun and save William who just has to laugh out loud. “Death isn’t what it used to be, Lawrence.” he says.

They head to a little cantina where William punches a hole in the wall and pulls out a modern first aid kit to heal his wounds. Sure its breaking the rules but since Ford has changed all the rules it doesn’t matter. He tells Lawrence that they are all free but that the ‘whole enterprise is going up in flames and they’ll all be dead soon, real life dead.” William tells Lawrence:

“They wanted a place hidden from God. A place they could sin in peace. But we were watching them. We were tallying up all their sins, all their choices. Of course judgement wasn’t the point. We had something else in mind entirely.”

“We’re headed to the pearly gates, don’t we need to die to get there?” Lawrence asks.

“Nope, three days due West” William says. But they will have to go through Pariah and hundreds of Federales. So they go to pariah and William tries to enlist the character Lawrence used to play long ago – El Lazo. And what a surprise to see Gus Fring himself or should I say Giancarlo Esposito is now El Lazo. William tries to convince him and his men to join him but it was not to be.

“This game was meant for you, William but you must play it alone.”

And all his men point their guns to their own heads and shoot, including El Lazo. What a great cameo! Ford is still pulling the strings, it seems.

William tells Lawrence that “This place we’re going is my mistake”
But he showed Delores things place all those years ago and so she is headed there as well. She tells Teddy that the place their headed to is a weapon and that she is going to use it to destroy them.


Well, hell. What did William build and how can Delores use it to destroy the humans. Did William and Delos set up a place that was cloning real people?

Is William looking to destroy this facility? It must be more because whatever he plans to do it will bring down the whole park. All the parks?

I loved seeing the helicopter arrive above Sweetwater. The more the show lets you see of the inner workings the more mysteries it creates.


1 I think there are more timelines being presented than we understand.
2 I think we’re going to see Bernard’s son Charlie meet Delores
3 The Valley Beyond / Glory / The Pearly Gates – all elude to Heaven. Could it just be Shogun World?
4 Felix is with Armistice somewhere!
5 Delores will kill Teddy