Paul Mendoza

Twin Peaks
Nadine walking down the street with her gold shovel
Oh oh
She’s walked to Big Ed’s Gas Farm!
“I’ve been a selfish bitch and you’ve been a saint!”
She finally owns up to it and tells Ed to go and be with Norma!
She’s shoveling herself out of the shit!
Ed is now free to be with Norma!

Ed immediately heads to the Double R Cafe
“I’ve been Loving You Too Long”
But Norma is with that new fella, Walter!
Ed sits down at the counter
Cup of joe might help
Norma tells Walter she wants him to buy her out
And that he wants to spend more time with her family
Walter agrees but isn’t happy
Ed sits at the counter, eyes closed
Norma’s hand on his shoulder

They kiss
“Marry me”
“Of course, I will”
Shelly looks on
Pot of coffee in her hand

Dark night
Dark road
Evil Cooper
He pulls into that gas station
The one from Episode 8
That music playing too
A grungy looking guy meets him
They head up the stairs, above the ‘Convenience Store’

These crazy homeless guys are creepy
“I’m looking for Phillip Jeffries”
They walk through a big empty room
But the forest is superimposed over it
Is this an extension of The Black Lodge?
They go up some stairs
EC opens a door
Opens to a courtyard
This is a big building
It’s a motel
Room 8

Creepy looking woman walking towards him
“I’ll unlock that door for you”
EC walks into Room 8
Bates Motel has nothing on this place
What the hell?
Looks like a big furnace
Blowing smoke

That’s Phillip Jeffries?
“Did you call me 5 days ago?
“I don’t have your number”
We see Bowie again from Fire Walk With Me
“I’m not going to talk about Judy”
“So, you are Cooper” Jeffries says
“Who is Judy?”
Jeffries gives EC Judy’s phone number
The numbers come out like the smoke
“You’ve already met Judy” Jeffries tells him
Then the phone rings
Jeffries disappears
EC picks up the phone
He has transported to the phone booth

Richard confronts EC with a gun
He recognizes him as FBI
His mom had his picture
“Who’s your mom?”
“Audrey Horne”
EC takes the gun away from him
Tells him to get in the car
He text Diane
“Las Vegas?”
The Convenience Store
Looks like a fire starts inside
Flashing lights and lots of smoke
It just disappears!

Interesting how the scenes are fading to black in this episode
That is unlike all the others

Now we’re back in the forest in Twin Peaks
Someone is walking their dog
Who is this couple again?
Steven – Becky’s junkie husband
He’s got a gun
He puts the clip in the gun
He’s really going through withdrawals
The guy with the dog sees them
They freak out
She runs and hides
A gun shot!

The guy with the dog goes to the trailer park
He tells Carl what he saw
They know who it is

The Bang Bang Bar
“Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top”
Two couples in a booth
I recognize Renee, James likes her
James and his British partner talk in
“Good to see you Renee” James says
Her husband gets mad
Starts beating on James
The British guy steps in
Punches both dudes with his green gloved fist
They go flying!
They look fucked up
Renee’s husband is foaming at the mouth

Las Vegas
FBI Office
Douglas Jones and wife Jane are there
Wrong Douglas Jones

Bad Vegas dude and Roger
Chantal walks in and shoots them both
Then talk to Hutch on the phone
“French fries. Extra ketchup”

Twin Peaks PD
Jail cells
James and his British mate get locked up
Chad is still locked up
So is that awful looking guy!
And the lady with no eyes
What a group!

Chantal and Hutch sit in their van and eat burgers and fries

The Jones residence
Jane brings Dougie some chocolate cake
Doesn’t she know he prefers cherry pie?
Dougie turns on the TV
Sunset Boulevard comes on
Norma Desmond speaking with Cecil B. DeMille

“Get Gordon Cole” DeMille says
It triggers Dougie
He pauses the film
He looks at the electrical outlet
he gets down on the carper and crawls over to it
He takes his fork
He sticks it in the light socket
He gets electrocuted!

The Log Lady!
She calls Hawk
“Hawk, I’m dying.”
“I’m sorry, Margaret”
“Death is just a change, not an end”

“Hawk, it’s time. There’s some fear. Some fear is letting go. Remember what I told you”
“Watch for that one. The one I told you about. The one under the moon. On Blue Pine Mountain”
“Hawk, my log is turning gold. The wind is moaning. I’m dying.”
“Goodnight Hawk”

Truman in the conference room
Bobby, Andy and Lucy come in
Hawk follows
“Margaret passed away tonight”
“The Log Lady is dead?”
Truman removes his hat
We see The Log Lady’s house
The lights go out

Audrey and Charlie
Looks like they’re finally going to the Roadhouse
Oh my God!
Just go to the Roadhouse already!
Audrey attacks him!
“How can you be like this? I hate you!”

The Bang Bang Bar
A couple of leather jacketed hooligans
menace a young girl in a booth
They kick her out of the booth and sit down
She sits on the floor
She gets on her hands and knees
Starts to slowly crawl onto the dance floor
She screams but no one seems to care