Paul Mendoza

Samba line
The Mitchum brothers, Candy and the girls and Dougie
Happy as can be
Dancing through the insurance agency!
“Dougie you might want to call your wife”
Tom Sizemore is stunned!
He’s in trouble now
He calls Mr. Todd, the Vegas guy who hires the hit men
Now it’s up to Tom Sizemore to kill Dougie

There’s a delivery at the Jones’ residence
Sonny Jim’s new gym set
Courtesy of the Mitchum brothers
And the car, too!
Mrs. Jones seems happy!
“Oh, Dougie, I love you so much”

Evil Cooper
Ray is not happy to see him
“You didn’t kill him too good, Ray”
Ray is with a motley gang of thieves
A bald guy
Looks like Mr. Clean
We got a new contestant
Arm wrestling Mr. Clean
New guy’s gets one chance
If you lose
Lorenzo’s your boss
“What is this? Kindergarten?”
“What do I get if I win?”
“If I win I want him (Ray)”

Oh don’t piss off Evil Cooper you idiots!
The rules are read
The hands are clasped
Mr. Clean almost takes him down
“Starting positions”
EC is just toying with him
“Starting positions is really more comfortable”
EC is not even breaking a sweat
Ray tries to run but the others won’t let him
EC finally takes Mr. Clean down
Then pops him in the face
Jamming his fist through his skull

EC shoots Ray in the leg
“Someone hired you to kill me”
“Philip Jeffries?”
“He says that you got something inside that they want”
“Did he ever mention Major Briggs?”
“Jeffries says I was to put this on you after I killed you”
It’s a ring
A guard gave it to him
The rest of the gang watch on giant screen TV
EC makes Ray put on the ring
“You know what I want Ray”
The coordinates
“I know who you are”
Richard is with the group watching
Ray hands EC the coordinates
“Ray, where’s Philip Jeffries”
The Dutchman
It’s not a real place?
EC shoots Ray in the head
The ring disappears and lands in the Black Lodge
He was to be sent back to the Black Lodge!

Las Vegas PD
They get the prints on Dougie
“He escaped from a high security prison two days ago”
“He’s a missing FBI agent!”
They laugh and toss the report in the trash
Tom Sizemore shows up
Looking for Detective Clark
Hey! Set. Clark is Tom Savage!
“I need to know a good poison I can use, undetectable.”
“Somebody’s onto us”

Why is this cop helping him?
Another cop ask what’s up?
“He’s cracking”
“I’ll call Mr. Todd”

Jennifer Jason Leigh and Tim Roth
Driving back from killing the warden

Mrs. Jones drives Dougie to work
In their brand new car!
When is Good Cooper coming back to life?
Will the original Dougie return?
Tom Sizemore will probably poison Dougie’s coffee
Maybe that will holy the Good Cooper into existence
“Coffee for the great Dougie Jones!”
Dougie drinks it
Oh oh
He sees something

He stands up and walks to the counter
Cherry Pie!!!!!
Tom Sizemore puts the poison in Dougie’s coffee
“Go sit down. I” bring you a slice. Go enjoy your coffee”
Dougie sees dandruff on Tom’s coat
Tom thinks Dougie’s giving him a massage
Tom starts crying
“Oh God! So sorry! I never meant to hurt anyone!”
Take the poisoned cup of joe and leaves
Dougie drinks Tom’s coffee
The waitress brings the cherry pie

RR Cafe
Becky calls Shelly
Stephen hasn’t been home in 2 days
“Why don’t you come down here and I’m going to serve you a nice piece of cherry pie!”
That’ll cheer up anyone!

Tom confesses to the boss
“I tried poisoning Dougie and he saw right through me”
He admits that he stole from the company
Working for Mr. Todd
The boss asks him to testify against Todd
And to turn over the bad cops
“Dougie saved my life!”
Dougie is like Peter Sellers in Being There
Chauncey Gardner

Bobby comes into the RR
“Norma, Shelly go home already?”
Hey! It’s Ed sitting with Norma!
They invite Bobby to join them
“So what’s new, deputy?”

Hey! Its Grant Goodeve from 8 Is Enough!
He’s Norma’s boyfriend? Walter
Ed and Bobby move to another booth
Walter tells Norma that 3 of her 5 franchises have shown a profit
But this location is not doing so good
“You’re spending too much for pie and not charging enough”
“The pies at the other locations are not as good as the ones we make here”
Norma glances at Ed
Still something there?
Walter wants her to change the name to Norma’s Double R Cafe
“In Twin Peaks it’s been the Double R diner for over 50 years”
Definitely Ed is jealous

She bought a gold shovel
It’s in the window
A truck sees it and stops!
Rings her bell
It’s Dr. Jacoby!
“Nadine! Is that you?”
“I love your window display”
“And those drapes are completely silent!”
Romance is in the air!

Oh the Palmer house
Sara Palmer drinking herself into oblivion
Watching boxing
The same image keeps playing over and over
What is going on in that house?

“What did she say?”
Audrey keeps asking Charlie
Why won’t he tell her?
“I feel like I’m somewhere else”
“Like I’m somebody else”
“Well I’m not sure who I am but I’m not me”
“You’re supposed to go to the roadhouse and see if Billy is there”
This is too weird
This isn’t really happening
Is she still in her coma?
No, can’t be
Something is wrong here
Audrey falls apart

The Bang Bang Bar
The Roadhouse is proud to welcome
James Hurley!
James has such a high voice!
He captures the attention of a lovely girl
“Just you and I”
“Together forever in love”
The lovely lady is crying!
Who is she?

Big Ed’s Gas Farm
Ed drinking soup
Probably from the Double R
Looks like a lonely fella
He sits at his desks
Watches the traffic whiz by
He burns a piece of paper
Drinks his soup
As the credits roll
In silence
But for the sound of cars passing by