Paul Mendoza

Gordon, Albert, Tammy
Having a lovely glass of wine
“Here’s to the bureau!”
In 1970 Air Force shut down
Project Blue Book
Investigation into UFOs
No evidence
FBI started their own investigation
Operation Blue Rose
Dale Cooper was on that team
Albert was also on that team
All the others have disappeared
They ask Tammy to join the Blue Rose Task Force

Diane joins them
She makes herself a drink
They want to deputize her on a temporary basis
“Let’s rock!”

Twin Peaks
Oh poor Jerry
Still lost and high in the woods

Sara Palmer (Grace Zabriskie)
Buying a lot of booze and cigs at the market
The turkey jerky gets her attention
“Were you here when they first came?”
“Men are coming”
“You have to watch out! Things can happen!”
“Something happened to me! I don’t feel good!”
Whoa! What is up with her?

Carl at the trailer park
He speaks to a man about selling his blood

Gives him some money

Dougie plays catch with Sonny Jim
Well. Kind of

Twin Peaks Theme
We don’t hear it enough
Hawk makes a house call to Sara Palmer

“An old case has popped up and I thought about you”
There’s a noise in the kitchen
“You’re OK then?
“It’s like some goddamn bad story, isn’t it Hawk?”
Is she being possessed?

Who’s the guy in the hospital?

Diane having a drink at the bar
Gets a text
“Las Vegas?”
“They haven’t asked yet”

Ben Horne
Truman makes a call
“You’re grandson Richard is the one that ran over and killed that little boy.”
“And it looks like he tried to kill the only witness”
That’s the person in the hospital
“That boy has never been right”
“How’s Harry?
“He’s hanging in there. We’re hoping for the best.”

“I was going to send this to Harry. We got this key in the mail”
Room 315. It was the key to Cooper’s old room.
Strange this key shows up after all these years
“Richard never had a father.”
He has Beverly call the hospital to arrange paying for Miriam’s medical expenses

Gordon has a beautiful woman on the couch
Go Gordon!
Albert shows up, of course
Gordon asks the woman to wait in the bar for his call
Takes her awhile to get all her gear back on
Fix her lipstick
Another gulp of wine
“Tres bon”
“What is it, Albert?”
“Incoming to Diane today: Las Vegas?
Outgoing: They haven’t asked yet”
What haven’t they asked?

Tim Roth and Jennifer Jason Leigh
Sitting in a van, planning a murder
The warden!
They shoot him twice in the back
His little boy comes running out of the house
“Next stop Wendy’s!”

“It’s 7 o clock! Do you know where your freedom is?”
Dr. Jacoby does his usual podcast
“We’re sinking down deep in the mud!”
“Shovel your way out of the shit!”
Nadine is a big fan of ‘Dr. Amp’

Hey! Finally!
She wants to go looking for Billy. Her brother?
She’s with her lawyer? Oh! Her husband! Huh?
OK. Billy is not her brother
Who’s Billy?
“I’ve got to find Tina. She was the last person to see Billy.”
“I’m your lawfully wedded husband. I have rights”
“You gave up those rights”
“You would renew on a contract?”
He relents and agrees to go with Audrey
She wants to look for Billy at the Roadhouse
He calls Tina
“Chuck told me you were the last person to see Billy”
“You’re sure?”
“Really? Oh my goodness”
“Unbelievable what you’re telling me”
Charlie hangs up the phone, looks at Audrey and says nothing
“You’re not going to tell me what she said!”

Diane back at the bar
She remembers the numbers tattooed on the woman’s arm
She types it into an app on her phone
she locates a place on a map
She zooms in
‘Twin Peaks’

The woods of Twin Peaks
ominous, scary

The Bang bang bar
Who’s playing tonight?
Two beautiful brunettes in a booth
“Where’s Angela?”
Angela is with Clark but Clark has been hanging out with Mary
Who are these people?
Some guy runs in
Almost hit by a car!
Back to the band
The Chromatics, in their third appearance this season
Playing an instrumental called “Saturday”