Paul Mendoza

Richard goes to see Miriam
The woman who witnessed the accident
“I already told the police it was you that ran over the little boy!”
She sent a letter to Sheriff Truman
Richard bust into her trailer
Gun shot!
He comes out, makes a call
Richard wants Miriam’s letter to be intercepted
Inside the trailer
Miriam lying in a pool of blood

Harry Dean Stanton strumming a guitar and singing a tune
‘Red River Valley’
Reminds me of Cool Hand Luke
Someone tosses something through a window
Becky’s boyfriend going psycho on her

A woman in a short pink dress trying to swat a fly with a red cloth napkin
A man in a suit writing in a ledger
She really wants to get that fly
She picks up the remote
The fly lands on the man’s face
She smacks him in the face!
Jim Belushi comes out

Dougie at the doctor
The doc takes off Dougie’s shirt
“Dougie, have you been exercising?”
Dougie’s wife notices how good he looks
Blood pressure is 110 over 70

Now there are three blonde women in short pink dresses.
Feathers in their hair
“Candy, I’m fine!”
We’re in Las Vegas
They watch the news
Ike the Spike getting arrested
Bradley (Jim Belushi) and the other guy recognize Dougie
“That’s our Mr. Jackpots, Rodney”
This Candy broad is a hot mess
Still crying about hitting Rodney in the face
“Can you still love me er what I did?”

Dougie’s wife is feeling amorous, watching Dougie eat
“Do you find me attractive?”
Dougie is more interested in his chocolate cake
“I find you attractive” she says
Cut to them in bed
She’s on top and all you see of Dougie
Are his arms flopping up and down
“Dougie! Dougie! DOoooouuuggggiiieeeee!”
They wake up Sonny Jim!!
Dougie has a bigger smile on his face then he does when he sees coffee
“Dougie I Love you”
“Love you”

Twin Peaks
Dr,. Jacoby doing another podcast
He’s angry!
Nadine watches intently
‘Run Silent Run Drapes’
That must be her business
The doc is definitely anti government
“Buy yourself a shovel. Dig yourself out of the shit and get educated!”
“He’s so beautiful”

Dougie’s wife is all aglow the next morning
“I can’t stop thinking about last night”

Jerry is still lost in the woods

TP Sheriff’s Department
A plate of donuts on the reception counter in front of Lucy
Deputy Jeff is lingering
Ah! He’s the one Richard called to intercept the letter
He’s got it!
Lucy notices though
Jeff text Richard

Audrey’s brother
He’s wearing a helmet
He rammed his head into the wall before
“Hello Johnny! How are you today?”

Richard pulls into the driveway
It’s the house where Johnny is
He wants money from grandma
Richard has to be Audrey’s son
He’s choking his grandma and cursing her out
Johnny tries to help but he’s tied to the chair and table

Jan D’Arcy in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Richard takes all the money he can find and his grandma’s jewelry
He even takes her silverware
“Why do you have to make something so difficult? Cunt!”
Richard needs to go

Las Vegas
The man who called in the hit
He confirms it failed and Ike is arrested
He calls over Anthony (Tom Sizemore)
Dougie’s co-worker
“Do you recall my rivals and bitter enemies The Mitchum Brothers? You’re going to visit the brothers now. You’re going to pin the blame for the insurance claim that we conspired to deny for them, a loss of 30 million that hot them hard, on the back of Douglas Jones”
If Anthony can’t get the Mitchum brothers to kill Dougie then he’ll have to do it

Albert is out to dinner with the doctor from the Buckhorn morgue
Gordon and Tammy watch from afar and giggle   “Sweet”

Silver Mustang Casino
Anthony shows up to see the Mitchum Brothers
The three blondes in pink dresses are mesmerized by the security camera feeds
“Candy! Go get him!”
They watch Candy with Anthony
She is easily distracted
This goes on awhile
What is she pointing at?
Candy brings Anthony to the brothers
Anthony does everything he can to blame Dougie for keeping them from collecting on a casino fire
They seem unimpressed
“Candy, show him out”
“You have an enemy in Douglas Jones!”
Back home the pink ladies make the brothers a drink
Well they intend to take out Dougie
But Anthony may think they won’t and try to do it himself
“You fuck us once shame on us. You fuck us twice shame on you. You’re dead”

Gordon drawing in his room
A nice glass of wine on the table
A knock on the door
The drawing is of a moose with an arm reaching towards it
He opens the door
It’s Laura Palmer!
No, it’s Albert
Albert indicates fro Gordon to turn up his hearing aid
Diane received this text
“Around the dinner table the conversation is lively”
It came in after Evil Cooper escaped
She responded with a heavily encrypted message
“They have Hastings. He’s going to take them to the site”
“I felt it when she hugged me but this confirms it” Gordon says
What is going on? Diane is working with Evil Cooper?
Tammy knocks on their door
It’s about those New York murders
This was found on one of the earliest cards?
A picture of Evil Cooper
“This is something. This is really something”

Ben Horn gets a call from his ex wife
Telling him about Richard attacking them and taking all her money
Richard took thousands of dollars
She wants Ben to replace it
He refuses
“Beverly, do you want to have dinner with me?”

The Log Lady
“Hawk, the electric is humming.”
“The Truman brothers are both true men. They are your brothers”
“Now the circle is almost complete.”
“Watch and listen to the dream of time and space”
“Hawk, Laura is the one”

The half moon engulfed by clouds
The Bang Bang Bar
Is that Moby on guitar?
Rebekah Del Rio has a great voice!
Her dress has the same design as the floor of the Black Lounge, kind of