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Things start moving very quickly in episode 2! We are seeing characters together for the very first time! We are seeing things put in motion that will propel the action non stop to the final conclusion. What will that be?

I made my prediction before the start of the season: Sansa on the Iron Throne, Bran as her Hand and Arya as the head of her Queens Guard.

Well, wishful thinking perhaps but we’ll see.

I need to say that after seeing these first two episodes I’ve changed my mind about how the season and the show will end. I now believe that this season will end with the big battle with the Night’s King and the white walkers. The final season will be the final battle for the Iron Throne and against Cersei.


“On a night like this you came into the world” Tyrion

On a dark and stormy night Dany and her brain trust gathered. Dany turned her attention to Varys and I mean this was not the kind of attention one wants. Dany questioned Varys like a prosecutor, asking him who gave the order to have her killed and who sent the murderer. Of course, Robert Baratheon gave the order and Varys did what he was told. Tyrion tried to vouch for him but Dany persisted. She questioned his loyalty, he’s gone from King to King and now Queen. Varys stood up for himself well. When he spoke of being a slave and doing everything for the people he knew his audience. Dany loves that stuff. Dany asks Varys to tell her if he ever felt she was betraying the needs of the people and he agreed. But she wasn’t done.

“If you ever betray me I’ll burn you alive” Dany tells him.
“I would expect no less from the Mother of Dragons” Varys replies.

But the night wasn’t over! They had a late night visitor. Melisandre. She returned to the scene of many a crime. Varys points out that she supported Stannis Baratheon. Dany remarks she came on a good night as they were just discussing letting bygones be bygones. Melisandre tells of the prophecy of the prince that was promised. Missandei tells Dany that in Valerian it could be translated as ‘prince or princess’ which makes Dany happy.

“I believe you have a role to play…as does another. The King in the North, Jon Snow,” Melisandre tells Dany. Tyrion vouches for him, “I liked him and I’m an excellent judge of character.” Dany has a raven sent to summon Jon Snow to come to Dragonstone and ‘take a knee’.


Jon consults with Sansa and Ser Davos when he gets the raven from Dragonstone. It was written by Tyrion and he ended the message with something he told Jon back in season one, “all dwarfs are bastards in their father’s eyes’. Jon recognized the quote. He then asked Sansa what she thought, “You know him best.”
“He’s not like the other Lannisters. He was kind to me but it’s still too dangerous.”
Davos agreed but added, “White Walkers can be killed with fire. What breathes fire?

I really liked that Jon has included Sansa into the brain trust which was just he and Davos. That’s a good sign. Here is the full quote of what Tyrion said to Jon in season one:

“Let me tell you something, Bastard. Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor and it can never be used to hurt you” Tyrion
“What the hell do you know about being a bastard? Jon
“All dwarfs are bastards in their father’s eyes” Tyrion


Cersei tries to shore up the support of her banner men by trying to scare them about Dany being a descendent of the ‘Mad King’. She warned of foreigners coming to their shores and that Dany will kill all the lords as she had done to the slavers in Mereen. Lord Tarly (Sam’s dad) was amongst them and Jamie had a pull aside with him. He asked him to stand by Cersei even though he didn’t like her and to take arms against House Tyrell and Lady Olenna. None of this set well with Lord Tarly but Jamie promised to make him warden of the South and be his most valued general in the wars to come. Tarly didn’t seem to give him a yes or no yet.

Meanwhile, Qyburn takes Cersei on a tour of the catacombs where the bones of the Targaryen’s dragons reside. Qyburn has had “the finest artisan blacksmiths in King’s Landing” working on a little project. A giant crossbow. A dragon killer. He instructs Cersei to pull the lever releasing a giant spear which proceeds to pierce the skeletal skull of the biggest dragon down there!

OK. This could be bad. As Qyburn pointed out to Cersei, Drogon was injured by spears in the battle in the Pits. They can be killed.


Dany assembles everyone in the map room. It’s amazing to see them all together, Yara and Theon, lady Olenna, Elaria Sand, Tyrion, Varys, Grey worm and Missandei. There are still some hard feelings between Tyrion and Elaria over the murder of Myrcella but as we saw earlier in the episode, ‘bygones’. Tyrion reveals the plan. Yara will sail to Dorne with Elaria to gather Dorne’s army who along with the Tyrell army will lead the assault on King’s Landing while the unsullied will attack and take Casterly Rock. Yara is for attacking King’s Landing now but Tyrion’s line is “do you want to be queen or just the queen of ashes?” They all go along with Tyrion’s plan however.

It’s a good plan but Lady Olenna looks doubtful. Lady Olenna and Dany have a pull aside and she gives her some good advice.

“You’re hand is a clever man. I’ve known a lot of clever men and I’ve outlived them all. You know how? By ignoring them. You’re not a sheep. You’re a dragon. Be a dragon”

Later that night as Grey worm sharpens his sword and prepares to leave in the morning, Missandei stops by. He wasn’t going to say goodbye! He tells her it’s too hard to say goodbye to her.
“You are my weakness” he tells her.
Finally, they kiss. Missandei disrobes and I mean in record time! She tries to remove his clothes but he pulls back. This is a big moment, a vulnerable moment to reveal to her everything. She assures him that she wants to see all of him. He removes his clothes and they stand before each other. They then move to the bed and Grey worm proceeds to…well…he may be castrated but there are other things he can do. Some of my friend’s that were watching with me felt the scene was very long! It was quite passionate alright. Is it getting hot in here?


Sam and Archmaester Marwyn tell Jorah that he could live for as long as 10 years but he would go mad in less than six months. Marwyn says there’s nothing they could do but he tells him he can stay one more night before they ship him out. Basically, allowing him to commit suicide. Sam wants to help him, especially after finding out that he is the son of his old boss, Lord Joer Mormont. Sam finds a book that has a possible cure and sneaks into Jorah’s room to perform the procedure. He gives him a leather strap and tells him that he can’t yell or they’ll be found out. Sam then begins to scrape off the infected skin. Yes, it’s that horrible! When Jorah starts making too much noise Sam shushes him!
Then, in one of the most dastardly edits of all time it cuts from Sam sticking a knife into Jorah to someone shoving a spoon into a Shepard’s Pie!


Arya runs into Hot Pie! She starts devouring Hot Pie’s latest cooking delicacy. She seemed dead inside. Her eyes looking out as she ate probably thinking only of killing Cersei. Hot Pie asks where she’s headed and she tells him King’s landing.
“I thought you’d be headed for Winterfell”
“Why would I go there? The Boltons have it”
“The Boltons are dead. Jon Snow came down from Castle Black with a wilding army and won the battle of the bastards. He’s king of the North now.”

Arya is stunned and seemed to come back to life. When she mounts her horse she makes the decision to head North. Her desire to go home was stronger than her desire to kill Cersei. On the road home she runs into an old friend, someone we haven’t seen since episode 1! As she warms herself by her camp fire Arya gets surrounded by a pack of wild wolves! And this pack is run by one helluva big wolf! Nymeria! Arya recognizes her and tells Nymeria she’s headed North and to come with her but even though Nymeria recognizes her and will not harm her, she has his own thing now and she chooses to stay with her pack. Arya understands her decision.

“That’s not you” Arya says, meaning, Nymeria is no longer a pet, or her companion, she has found a new life. It’s a reference to a conversation Arya had with her father in Season One:

Arya: Can I be a lord of holdfast?
Ned: You will marry a high lord, and rule his castle. Your sons shall be knights, and princes and lords.
Arya: No. That’s not me.


Once Jon receives the raven that Sam sent telling him about the mountain of dragon glass beneath Dragonstone he changes his mind about going there to meet Dany. He announces his decision in the Great Hall and everyone is against it, even Lady Mormont! That’s when you might think twice.

“A Targaryen cannot be trusted and neither can a Lannister!”

Jon says he knows the risks but he must take it as they need the dragon glass and the alliance.

“You’re abandoning your people!” Sansa shouts.
“I’m leaving them in good hands. Yours.” He tells her.

Oh, Little Finger’s eyes really lit up when he heard this! He followed Jon into the crypt where he was paying his regards to his father, Ned. The statue there of Ned is really good! Looks just like him!

“You don’t belong here” Jon tells him. Jon’s was giving him his death stare. They’re not friends.

Little Finger reminds him that he should be thanking him. If he didn’t bring the army of the Vale he would be dead. Then he gets creepy, creepier than usual.

“I love Sansa just as I loved your mother”

With that Jon lunges for Little Finger and grabs him by the throat!

“You touch my sister and I’ll kill you myself”

One would think that he would get the message and back off but I have a feeling, by the way he was looking at Sansa as Jon rode away, that Little Finger will take this time to get her to betray Jon.


Well, this scene started out to be a fun little cruise with Elaria and Yara getting all hot and bothered in front of Theon but just as the ladies were getting started something happened. Uncle Euron and his fleet descended upon them! Euron’s entrance here was magnificent as it was frightening! The battle was fierce but as Yara looked out at her burning ships she knew they had lost. Two of the Sand Snakes, Nymeria and Obara battled topside while the third, Tyene went below to protect her mother. Nymeria and Obara gave Euron a good fight but he takes them both out! Tyene and Elaria are taken prisoner. Euron then manages to take Yara and puts a knife to her throat. He encourages Theon to attack and try to save her. But Theon seems to have flashbacks of being ‘Reek’ and he drops his sword and jumps ship much to Yara’s disappointment.

Related image

Now, look, Theon didn’t stand a chance and he knew it. Perhaps he made the only decision he could to stay alive. Was it cowardly? Yes. But as they say, he that fights and runs away lives to fight another day.

Charlotte, where were the fashion statements made and who made them?

Week two of season 7 finds us in an ever darkening gothic dress, with non black outfits getting further and few between. Metal details on heavy gowns indicate a cast of characters ready for battle.

My favorite look of the episode was one of the only colorful ones- Elaria Sand rocking yellow like she does so well. But even her dress had a heavier than usual hand, a thick brocade with pointy shoulders and coordinating bra underneath. My prediction is that she will die next episode and this will be the last time we see anything other than black leather and fur.

Best hair definitely goes to Daenerys, with cinnamon bun swirled braids topped off with a tiny dragon hair piece, though I’m really missing her going out tops and signature turquoise and light blue dresses.

The best easy access outfits go to Grey Worm and Missandei, who despite wearing thick leather floor length ensembles were able to remove them with the quick pull of a string. Not wearing a bra or underwear seemed like a strange choice but really worked out in this one situation.

Worst skin (not necessarily a fashion thing but I do think makeup/beauty and fashion go hand in hand) goes to Jorah. I really hope we never have to witness scales with pus underneath getting ripped off again. So so so gross.
As we brace ourselves for even more action packed episodes approaching, I’m sure the fashion will become even more tactical and dark. I’ll see you next week!


Sam is turning out to be a very good maester! He is smart and ingenious! The looks that Jorah gives him while he prepares to ‘flay’ him are priceless.
I also love that Jorah was writing a farewell letter to the Khaleesi when Sam arrived. He loves her so!

So much for Yara being a great warrior! How did Euron sneak up on them like that? Yara and Theon were finished before they even got started!

And those Sand Snakes? They turned out not to be very impressive. Euron decorated the wreck of their ship with Nymeria and Abara’s bodies.

So here is why I think this season will end with the big battle with the Night’s King: Jon is going to meet with Dany. He needs her to allow him to get the dragon glass to take back North to fight the Night’s King. Dany wants Jon to bring his army South to take King’s Landing. I think the compromise will be for Dany and her dragons to come North to defeat the Night’s King and then the armies of the North will join her to defeat Cersei and take King’s Landing.

OK. Mull that over and discuss amongst yourselves.


1 Yara and Elaria will be publicly executed by Cersei
2 Cersei will still not agree to marry Euron.
3 Lord Tarly will join Jamie and attack Highgarden
4 Jon Snow will not ‘take the knee’
5 Arya and Sansa will be reunited!!!!!