Paul Mendoza


Folks, I’ll be honest with you.  This is one freaky episode. Probably the most disturbing hour of television I’ve ever seen.  I’ve certainly never seen anything like it. It was a trip, a journey, an odyssey, it was a living, breathing work of art. I shouldn’t have watched it before I went to bed, that’s for sure. As usual, with these Twin Peaks episodes, I just took stream of consciousness notes of what I was seeing and thinking. Enjoy

Evil Cooper and Ray
Driving down the highway
EC detects tracking devices on car
Somehow diverts the signal
EC lies to Ray
Says Dahlia still alive
Headed to The Farm
“You have something I want Ray”
“I got it memorized. All those numbers”
Ray wants a lot of money for those numbers
“Let’s get off this highway, Ray”
Lost Highway
Mulholland Drive
On a dirt road now
Leading where?
Ray’s gotta take a leak
EC finds the gun in the glove
Gonna kill Ray?
“Ray I want that information”
Ray has a gun too
EC has an empty gun!
“Tricked you, fucker”
Ray shoots EC
Lights flashing
Who are those guys?
Spectral people
They attack EC
They look like homeless men

They rip EC’s guts out
Cover his face with his own blood
Ray looks on in horror
Bob’s face can be seen in EC’s guts
Ray gets in the car and drives away
The homeless guys dance around and then disappear
EC seems to disappear too
Is that it for Evil Cooper?

Half moon
“Phillip! It’s Ray. I think he’s dead”
“I saw something in Cooper. It may be the key to what’s this is all about”

Ladies and gentleman
The Roadhouse presents
The Nine Inch Nails
“She’s Gone. She’s Gone. She’s Gone Away”

Back to the field
Evil Cooper sits up!
Can he die?


July 16 1945
White Sands New Mexico

An atomic bomb goes off
The music is good
That is frightening
Amazing mushroom cloud
Camera zooms into the cloud
Particle field
Orange light
Very 2001 like
Nuclear debris
Altered States
I’m going to have nightmares tonight
Those violins are great
Where are we going?
What is being born?
Constant explosions

A gas station
The station house lights flicker
The smoke grows
Lots of them’
Those homeless creatures?
Stop motion effect
Flashing lights
Crazy scratchy sound effects
The people disappear
The images flutter
People inside the station

A figure floats in space
Not outer space
It starts spewing something
Some sort of living white ooze
There’s Bob’s face again
surrounded in black ooze
many eggs inside the ooze
a gold sphere comes out of the flames

traveling through red showers
now an ocean
dark and ominous
An island?
a fortress?
A tall rock?
A house on the top of the rock
white house? Structure?
Metallic structure
A tiny window
let’s go inside
black and white living room
a well dressed woman listens to music playing on a phonograph
a black piece of furniture shaped like a bell
some kind of knocking
coming from the bell?

The Giant
he dressed in a smoking jacket
He looks perplexed as he often does
He presses something on the bell and the knocking stops
He looks at the woman and then turns and leaves
He starts to climb a staircase
He walks into a big empty room
There’s another bell like structure
he walks up to a movie screen
a picture appears
It’s the atomic explosion we saw earlier

The weird gas station
the white ooze
Freezes on Bob
The Giant starts to levitate
The well dressed woman walks into the large empty room
the organ music is wonderful
like an old silent film
She sees the image of Bob on the screen
The Giant is floating above her
The Giant’s head is emanating something
golden light particles
creating some type of pattern above his head
It’s taking shape

The gold sphere
it float down to the woman
She takes it in her hands
Stares at it
Laura Palmer’s face is inside it
The woman kisses her through the sphere
She lifts it up and it floats away
Goes inside a floating golden horn
The screen has an image of earth
The sphere is shot out of the horn towards the image of earth

August 5
New Mexico Desert
an egg hatches
What the
What kind of creature is that?
A frog with cockroach wings?
crawling along the sand like a lizard

The gas station
A young couple out for a walk
“Did you like that song?”
“I found a penny! Heads up! That means its good luck”
A very wholesome couple

A man floats in the sky and lands in the desert
Another man appears as ell
These are like those homeless creatures
A car driving down the highway
An older couple
The run across that homeless guy
static coming off of him
he approaches the car
“Got a light?”
he’s holding cigarette
The couple are freaked out
They wisely take off!
Drive away as fast as possible

The young couple
He’s from town and she lives outside of town
Reminds me of Blue Velvet
He was supposed to get married
But that’s over
“That’s good”
he asks for a kiss
She lets him
so sweet
“I’ll see you”
She goes into her house

That old homeless guy
He sees a radio station
He walks towards it
Man is he creepy looking
covered in soot, dirt

“When the twilight is gone and those songbirds are singing”
The song plays
“While I Pray”
The DJ inside
A mechanic works on a car
A woman closes at the diner
The girl sits in her bed
in love
The homeless guy enters the radio station
“Got a light”
The receptionist is scared
he puts his hand on her head

He crushes her skull
he heads towards the DJ in his booth
“Got a light?”
He crushes the DJ’s skull
The sing gets knocked off the turntable
static on the radio
The homeless guy takes the mic and starts talking over the airwaves

 “This is the water and this is the well. Drink full and descend. The horse is the white of the eyes and dark within”
The woman in the diner drops dead
The mechanic drops dead
That creepy frog like cockroach lizard crawls in the sand
The young girl just seems to fall asleep
that ugly creature takes flight and enters the young girls room!
The young girl opens her mouth
and that creature crawls in!!!!!!!
Mother have mercy!
She swallows it!

Homeless guy burrows his fingers into the DJs skull
blood pours out onto the floor
He exits the radio station
walks into the blackness of the desert
That guy never got a light

A horse is heard braying
The young girl lies sleeping
her eyes moving as if in dreams