Paul Mendoza

Who’s the old man in the woods?

“Jerry?”  Ben Horn on the phone.

“Someone stole my car?”

“I think I’m high! I don’t know where I am!”

Jerry hangs up the phone


Hawk found letters, going over them with Truman

“This came tom me in a dream last night”

“My name is Annie. I’ve been with Dale and Laura. Good Dale is in the Black Lodge . Write it in your diary.”

Pages from Laura’s diary that were hidden in the stall door

There’s still one diary page missing

“Now I know it isn’t Bob. I know who it is.”

Leland hid the pages?

Laura said Annie came to her in a dream

Hawk figures the Cooper that came out of the Lodge that night was not the good Cooper.

Hawk remembers that Doc Hayward and Harry saw Cooper and Annie came out of the Black Lodge that night and brought him over to the Great Northern.

Too bad Michael Ontkean couldn’t come back

He’s missed

New Truman talks to him on the phone

His character has cancer


Andy finds the truck that killed the boy

The owner of the truck is really scared

Tells Andy he’ll meet him in 2 hours but needed Andy to leave


Truman sets to Skype with Doc Hayward

Nice! Truman’s computer pops up on his desk!

Look at that! Doc sure is old!

“That morning he was acting mighty strange. Took him to the hospital. He snuck out of intensive care, fully dressed. I called out to him. He just turned and walked away.”

“I thought he was looking into Audrey Horne, that terrible business at the bank.  She was in a coma.”

“Keep working the sunny side of the river, doc.” Truman

Warren Frost who played Doc Hayward died in February and the episode is dedicated to him


Buckhorn Police station

Military detective Knox meets with Detective Mackley

She wants to verify whose fingerprints were sent to them

She assumed they got them from a crime scene

But they show her the headless corpse

“Where’s the rest of him?”

“We don’t know.”

“It would sure help our investigation to know who this is”

Knox calls her superior

“It’s not just prints this time. There’s a body. It’s him”

Who? Major Briggs?

“The head is missing and he’s the wrong age.”

Some mysterious man is seen walking down the corridor

Hard to make out, like a homeless guy

Could Briggs have been in another dimension like Cooper and didn’t age?

Gordon whistling

Picture of a mushroom cloud behind him

Albert walks in

It didn’t go well with Diane

She said

“This is about Cooper, isn’t it?”


“No fucking way.”

“She needs to see him” Gordon says

Cole and Albert go to see Diane

“Fuck you, Gordon”

“Fuck you too, Albert”

“Tough cookie. Always was.”

She brings them coffee

“Damn good coffee”

They need her to see Cooper

They feel something’s wrong but don’t know what it is

She agrees to meet Cooper and the next thing you know they’re on a plane headed to South Dakota


Agent Mullins shows Gordon and Albert Cooper’s finger prints

Prints from 25 years ago and Cooper’s prints from the prison

Identical but not quite the same

The prints are backwards, reversed

Love the picture of Evil Cooper in front of his house in Rio!

Miami Vice villain

Diane agrees to speak with Cooper for 10 minutes, alone

“Fuck you, Tammy”

Diane meets Evil Cooper

“I knew it was going to be you.  It’s good to see you again, Diane”

“When did we see each other last?

“Are you upset with me, Diane?

“When was the last time we saw each other Cooper?”

“At your house”

“That’s right. Do you remember that night?”

“I’ll always remember that night”

“Same for me.  I’ll never forget it.  Who are you?”

“I don’t know what you mean, Diane”

“Look at me.  Look at me”

She is shaken.  She lowers the shield

Gordon tells Warden Murphy to hold him until they hear from them


Outside she tells Gordon

“That is not the Dale Cooper that I knew.”

She starts crying and hugs Gordon

He doesn’t put his arms around her

a la Cary Grant in North By Northwest

“That last night you mentioned in there. Something I need to know about?

“You and I will have a talk about that.”


Cooper gets taken back to his cell

“Tell Warden Murphy I have a message for him”

“Tell him we need to speak about a strawberry”


Evil Cooper is brought to see the warden

“Joe McClusky and the late Mr. Strawberry”

Cooper has something on the warden

He wants a car for himself and Ray Monroe


Dougie and his wife get interviewed by the police

They want to know about his car

“Dougie, was your car stolen?”


Dougie is like Chauncey Gardner in Being There

Dougie’s wife is a real pistol

The car was found

Explosion with multiple fatalities

They seem satisfied he wasn’t involved in any funny business

The little person tries to shoot Dougie

Dougie went right in to motion and grabbed the guy’s hand and forced him to release the gun

The tree with a head appears

“Squeeze his and off!”

Dougie’s wife jumped on him

Dougie whacked him in the neck and he ran away

A chunk of skin was left on the gun


The Great Northern

There’s a humming in the office

Ashley Judd (Beverly) brings it to Ben Horne’s attention

“It’s louder now”

They try to figure out where it’s coming from

She tosses him the room key that came in the mail

“This is an old one. We switched to cards over 20 years ago”

“Room 315

“That was the room where Agent Cooper was shot”

“Who’s Laura Palmer?

“That my dear is a long story


Beverly comes home

Her husband appears to be very ill

They argue

He seems jealous


The Bang Bang Club

After close

Sweeping up

We watched this guy sweep for a long time

The phone rings

Bartender answers and seems to be dealing in escorts, young ones

This guy is a Renault

“He owes me for two!”


The prison

Evil Cooper’s cell door opens

A guard appears with a flashlight

Evil Cooper steps out

Ray comes to meet him

They walk out of the prison

A guard escorts them out

A car waiting for them, he gives them a cell phone

They drive off

The warden watches them drive away

We see a sky POV of the forces around Twin Peaks

The RR Cafe

Sleepwalk is playing

Santo and Johnny

Someone walks in

“Hey! Anyone seen Billy?”