Paul Mendoza

In the penultimate episode of the season our characters are turning on each other and failing themselves. The slow descent to their individual fates has started to accelerate.


“I sold my soul for B-I-N-G-O! Jimmy

Jimmy goes to visit Mrs. Landry, who is the class representative of the Sandpiper class action suit. He brings her ‘cat cookies’ which were store bought though he claims to have made them. He even takes them out of their packaging and places them on a paper plate and wraps some foil around them. He’s good.

His ulterior motive was finding out about the Sandpiper class action suit. She lets him look through all the legal papers she’s been sent and which she doesn’t comprehend. He sees that they’ve been made an offer but Mrs. Landry says that Davis and Main and HHM are telling her to wait for a bigger offer and that it may be years yet before a settlement can be reached. Jimmy can’t wait that long. He sees that they’ve offered $17 million and his cut (20% of the common fund) would be 1.6 million!

Jimmy surprises Howard in the parking lot of HHM to tell him tat it’s time to settle Sandpiper. He tries to convince him to move now and that waiting for a bigger offer is not fair to the clients. Howard sees through this though and knows Jimmy is just looking for his cut.

“It’s like talking to Gollum. You’re transparent and pathetic. You want a handout? Here. (Offers him some cash) Next time why don’t you bring a tin cup, it would be more honest.”

Jimmy tries a different tact. He shows up at the mall in full work out outfit and headband. He puts into motion a terrible scheme to turn Mrs. Landry’s friends against her to try and force her hand into accepting the Sandpiper offer. It’s terribly cruel.

He even goes so far as rigging bingo to make Mrs. Landry win to create even more animosity between her and her girlfriends. When she wins using the card Jimmy gave her special she goes up to get her winnings and nobody claps for her. It is so painful. She runs out and Jimmy follows her. She tells him that everyone has turned on her and she doesn’t know why. This is when he tells her it may be about the settlement and maybe they need the money. She asks him for advice and he tells her to ‘follow her heart’. The actress playing Mrs. Landry is so sweet, too. This may be the worst thing that Jimmy has done yet.


“I don’t know what you do but Mr. Fring must think you’re quite good at it.”

Mike meets with Lydia at the very large and modern Madrigal office. Mike is to be hired, temporarily, as a ‘logistics consultant’ by Madrigal via Gus Fring in order to launder his money. Mike suggest ‘security consultant’ and Lydia goes with it.

“I’m concerned about what happens when you put my real name in your books.” Mike says, balking at handing her his driver’s license and social security card.

Lydia assures her that he would be only one of over 100 thousand employees worldwide and that her real name is on the books. This doesn’t ease Mike’s concerns.

“You seem to be risking a lot for a drug dealer.” Mike says.
“If that’s all you think he is then you don’t know Gustavo Fring.” Lydia responds.

When Mike signs the employee application it’s with great effort and so much apprehension. He’s not just signing a piece of paper, he’s selling his soul and he knows it.


“Everything moves through the Chilean” Don Bola

Gus and Hector meet to get on a conference call with Don Eladio’s people. They’re told that they prefer using Gus’ people to ship their drugs but that Hector’s territory will always be his. Hector doesn’t like it. Hector gets so worked up he has a seizure. He reaches for his pills as Nacho looks on anxiously but he recovers and doesn’t need to take one.

“Fuck Eladio! Fuck Bola! And fuck you!” Hector shouts a she leaves.

Nacho meets with his father to give him the heads up about Hector wanting to use his legit business to smuggle drugs from Mexico. He tells him to do what he asks and not do anything stupid. His father is so disappointed and asks him to leave his house. It’s a heartbreaking scene.


“This is MY firm. I built it. Your father was working in a 2 room office when I joined him, and you, I tutored for the bar exam. You’re not kicking me out.” Chuck

Over at HHM their malpractice insurance company wants to double their premiums thanks to Jimmy. Chuck threatens to take them to court if they don’t change their minds and just like that the meeting is over. Howard, however, is concerned. He suggests that he retire which Chuck rejects.

“What if I told you it’s more than a suggestion?”

Chuck attempts to show him that he’s better. He turns on the lights and grabs a lamp and with a wincing look of pain on his face he tells Howard that he’s better.

“This is not what better looks like.” Howard tells him. “I can’t be partnered with a man whose judgment I no longer trust.”

When Howard gets a letter from Chuck he believes it to be his letter of resignation but it turns out to be a notification that he’s going to sue HHM. Howard goes over to Chuck’s house where he is surprised that the lights are on and Chuck is cooking even using an electric blender! But it’s all for show. Chuck is looking to be bought out for 8 million which he knows HHM can’t cover.

“If you think I’m trouble now as your partner? Imagine me as your enemy” Chuck tells him.


Kim meets with Billy Gatwood, owner of Gatwood Oil and friend of Mesa Verde CEO, Kevin. His operation has extended into Mexico territory and they want to tax him. She comes up with a solution to offer to pay them for ‘damages’ in lieu of taxes. Billy likes the idea but he needs this to be resolved in two weeks, the end of the quarter. Kim says she can do it but you feel a sick feeling in your gut that she is overextended, especially when he car gets stuck in the dirt and when she managers to get it moving it almost lurches into an oil platform. She’s barely hanging in there.

At the end of the episode, Kim is busily trying to put proposal notebooks together for the Gatwick Oil meeting and she’s running very late. Jimmy comes in holding a bottle of Zafiro. He’s excited because Sandpiper settled! He wants to celebrate but Kim is really stressed out. Jimmy is so insensitive to Kim’s situation. She’s happy for him but she’s under the gun. Jimmy notices that she pulled another all nighter. She’s been burning both ends of the candle all season just dealing with Mesa Verde. So when she’s driving and going over her proposal out loud it’s no surprise that she falls asleep and crashes her car. It’s a quick cut from her driving to the crash balloon popping in her face. It’s a scary effect and anyone who has fallen asleep while driving for even a second will recognize how scary that feeling is. Kim is pretty badly hurt and all her papers are flying everywhere. Does this end her business with both Gatwood Oil and Mesa Verde? Plus how badly is she hurt? She was holding her arm. Poor Kim.


The Zafiro anejo is the same bottle that Gus brought Don Eladio in season four that contained the poison that took out the entire cartel by the pool.

I will assume we will see what happened to ‘Gene’ in the season finale. If you remember, Gene (Jimmy, Saul) past out on the Cinnabon floor in the season opener.

I’m going to guess that Hector is going to meet with nacho’s dad and he will refuse Hector and that is when Hector has the seizure that will put him in the wheelchair (ding ding!)

How will Jimmy deal with Kim’s accident? Will Kim blame Jimmy? She only took on the extra work to help out paying the rent on the offices.

Will we see Jimmy and Chuck have one more scene next week? Will it be reconciliatory or even more devastating?