Paul Mendoza

Well, if you thought Season Two’s International Assassin episode was a crazy ride it has nothing on the penultimate episode of the series. Once again Kevin dies (more than once) and returns to the other world. What is this place? Is it Purgatory? Is it just a figment of his imagination? Wherever it is, Kevin seems to be able to enter and leave at will.

This episode seems to be filled with everything that the writers had left in their imagination. It is a dizzying dream-like fantasia of end of the world madness which also is filled with many of our old favorite characters who get to take a final bow.

Kevin’s adventure in the other world is very tongue in cheek while also carrying life and death drama. In the other world Kevin has been split into two separate personas, not only is he an international assassin but he is also the President of the United States. In other words, Kevin is tasked with killing himself, a familiar theme for this final season.

The episode opens with a flashback. Kevin and Nora are taking a candle lit bath and being flirty in a very “Leftoverly” way.

“I want to be cremated” Nora Durst

“I want to be stuffed. Like taxidermy.” Kevin

“I’ll stuff you under one condition: I get to put a beard on you. If I have to have sex with that abomination I want to dress it the way I want.”

“You want me to grow a beard!”

OCTOBER, 14 2018

Everyone wakes from being drugged by Laurie. Kevin Sr. is excited as a small child on Christmas morning.

They see that Kevin has dunked himself in the pond to drown but Kevin Sr. and the others stop him.

“I thought we would do it together” Kevin Sr. says.

They confirm everything that they need him to do and they dunk him again.

We hear the music from last season’s International Assassin episode. Soon Kevin comes to in the ocean (clean shaven) and being dragged out by a large man in a track suit who speaks Russian and plans to kill him.. But he gets saved by a man in black – it’s his old pal Dean, the dog killer.

“Who’s my target?” Kevin asks.
“The President. In two hours he’s going to start an unsanctioned nuclear war.”

Kevin tells Dean that he needs something in return; he needs to find Grace’s 5 children, Evie and Christopher Sunday.

“The premier of Australia? For that high access you’ll need to speak to the boss.”

He puts a monitor in his ear and hears the voice of the man from the bridge and the karaoke room and quite possibly David Burton (God) from the ferry.

“Do you remember what I whispered in your ear?”
“You said I was the most powerful man in the world.” Kevin says.
“Look in the mirror.”

Kevin does and he sees himself with a beard in a white suit and addressing a crowd in Melbourne. This seems to transport him into this other Kevin’s body. In this version of Kevin, he is the President of the United States and he begins reading a speech off the teleprompter. The crowd is also all dressed in white and hearing the speech they seem to also be members of The Guilty Remnant.

Grace’s children are seated in the front row and shoeless. He asks where there shoes are but they have no idea. Evie comes along singing Love Will Keep Us Together on a bullhorn. The head of his secret service is Australian Officer Kevin that Grace and her posse of women drowned in episode 2. He has his secret service bring her to him and they get in the car. He delivers John’s message but she believes her entire family were killed by a drone strike. She only recognizes him as the president and not as Kevin Garvey. All of a sudden he starts coughing up water. He opens the window and leans out spewing water like a fountain. Just then, John and Michael pull him out of the water and drag him into the house.

Kevin informs John that he gave Evie his message and tells Grace that her kids don’t know where their shoes are. But since he hadn’t yet found Christopher Sunday he agrees to die Again! Though John and Michael don’t think it’s a good idea, Kevin Sr. is determined to send his son back through death to learn that song that could save the world! Kevin Sr locks them both in the bathroom, fills the tub. “I love you, son” he tells him. “You’re going to have to hold me down” Kevin Jr. says, and Sr drowns Kevin.


“We fucked up with Nora.” International Assassin Kevin

Once Kevin returns to the other world it becomes an exciting thriller. Would President Kevin fire off nuclear weapons that would destroy the world or would Assassin Kevin get to him first and would any of this have any effect in the real world. President Kevin is told that he needs to cut out a key from inside Assassin Kevin’s ribcage that he will need to fire off the nuclear missiles. We get to see Patti again who shows up as the Secretary of defense and Meg as Kevin’s vice president. Though I thought Laurie would show up too which would confirm that she committed suicide on that scuba diving excursion she did not so perhaps she is still alive.

Suffice it to say, neither Kevins are much interested in doing what they’re being asked to do by people in this other world scenario. They’re focused on reaching Christopher Sunday and getting the song to take back to his dad. But once Assassin Kevin gets to speak to Christopher Sunday via satellite his commitment to his mission seems to waver.

“Do you believe your father can sing a song and stop the flood?” Christopher Sunday
“No.” Kevin says flatly.
“Then why are you here?”

Once both Kevins are face to face, Patti asks him “What do you want?”
“To go home” he tells her.
“Do you? You’ve said that before yet you keep coming back here.”

Patti brings up the romance novel they had supposedly written which comes as a surprise to both of them. She pulls out a valise containing the manuscript which looks similar to the one that Matt carried his new Gospel of Kevin in. After both refuse to read from it and Patti can’t since President Kevin smashed her glasses earlier, he agrees to read from it. “Just the last page.” Patti instructs. Kevin reads this lovely passage which is obviously about him and Nora.

“Take this thing out of me.” Assassin Kevin finally says, “So we can’t ever come back here again.”

President Kevin takes a scalpel and proceeds to slice Assassin Kevin open just beneath the rib cage and digs out the key. He goes over to the briefcase, inserts the key and turns it.

“Shall we go watch?” Patti asks.

They go up on the roof of the building and watch as a barrage of nuclear missiles sail through the sky and land on Melbourne.

OCTOBER, 15 2018

Kevin wakes up in the half built church. A white sheet has been laid over him. John and Michel are asleep in the corner. It’s the next day and the rain has stopped. It’s a lovely day. Kevin Sr. is sitting on the roof of the house. Kevin climbs the ladder and sits next to him.

“Now what?” Kevin Sr. asks.

Kevin doesn’t answer. A song starts playing a woman sings ‘Don’t they know it’s the end of the world.’ But the world didn’t end. In fact we knew it wouldn’t right? In the season premiere we see an older Nora cycling across the Australian countryside. But what world is she in? Does she go through the machine? Get radiated and die? Or travel to where her children are? Did Kevin save the world by destroying ‘the other world’?

Kevin seems to have come to the conclusion that he wants to be with Nora and that he’s been pushing her away.  She’s done the same, still believing she can be with her children again. All these characters have never emotionally moved on. They’re each coming to their own decisions

Will we get answers to these questions in the finale? Or will Damon Lindelhof leave them unanswered as he did with many of the questions we had after the ending of his great series LOST? Aren’t mysteries much more interesting than truth?


What is that opening music? It is the original opening credits sequence music by Max Richter


What is the “international assassin’ theme? “Va, pensiero” (translates to “Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves”

Kevin has to go through a series of verifications to gain entry to the presidential bunker which includes having to take out his penis to have it scanned. Nice play off the attention Justin Theroux got in season one in the jogging pants.

When presented with two Kevins in the same room Patty breaks out in song, the theme to The Patty Duke Show, to be precise: “They’re Kevins! Identical Kevins!”