Paul Mendoza


“An old friend once told me something that gave me great comfort. Something he read. He said Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin never died. They simply became music.” Ford

Westworld has been a wonderful experience. It has been more than just an entertainment. It has been food for the mind. This wonderful quote that Anthony Hopkins delivers in this episode struck me. It’s a beautiful thought. Good writing is stating the obvious in new and insightful ways. Westworld, some would say, is a familiar story; robots go haywire and turn on their creators. Yes, we’ve seen this before. The original 1973 film was essentially that. But, that is a very simply distillation of what the show is about. It is about so much more. It is about self realization. It is about how memories shape you, how loss changes you and how, no matter the obstacles, you will find yourself. It’s about questioning religion. It’s about questioning technology. It’s about love. The great equalizer. In the end, what we all really fight for.

Westworld is also just one helluva ride! It’s fun. It’s challenging. It’s smart. It reminds me of my favorite show, LOST. It is something I look forward to watching and spending my time thinking about and trying to solve the puzzle, try to find ‘The Maze’.

This first season has been a dream-like march through this fantasy world to arrive at this finale. We may have figured out some of the riddles by the time we got there but there were still surprises to be found.



“We can make it true. Don’t you want that, Delores? One true thing?” The Man In Black

These scenes between Blackie and Delores broke my heart. It is finally revealed that Blackie is, in fact, William. The action between William and Delores happened 30 years ago when the park had first opened.

When Delores got away from Logan, William went looking for her with Logan as his prisoner. He even sought the help of El Lazo and together they wiped out a whole Confederate army but no Delores. He finds the church where she had taken him to before, the town buried in sand. Nothing. As he rides off, the picture of Logan’s sister falls out of his jacket and blows away to be found 30 years later by Mr. Abernathy. They reach the outer edge of the park. Logan is naked on the horse. Why? Perhaps because by this time William has embraced his inner self. He has become ruthless. He slaps the horse and sends naked Logan riding out to nowhere. What happened to him? William finds his way back to Sweetwater, now wearing his black hat, when he sees Delores. She is back in her blue dress, she is coming from the grocery store, that can falls out of her bag again as it has a millions times. She looks at him. He smiles. But then another man walks over and hands her that can. That was when William’s heart broke for good.


He would come back to the park and spend time with Delores, she would always go mad and lead him back to the church. But he grew tired of her over the years. He became obsessed with finding the center of The Maze.



“These violent delights have violent ends.” Arnold

The opening moments of the episode we see Delores’ birth. Her head and chest applied onto her metal frame. It was disturbing because we’ve come to know her so well. She’s real to me. But we have to ‘remember’ she started out as a robot. We see her close relationship with Arnold. She became a substitute for his son who had died. All those scenes we saw between Delores and, who we knew as, Bernard were really between her and Arnold 35 years before, five years before the park opened, before she would meet William.

The town was a training ground for the hosts. Delores was, indeed, special. Arnold was convinced that she had achieved consciousness, that all the hosts would. He had been wrong to think it was a pyramid
one had to climb. It was a really a maze, a journey inward.

“I have to tell Robert. We can’t open the park. You’re alive.”

It would be wrong to subject these beings to the atrocities that they would be subjected to at the whims of the human guests. Ford refused so Arnold came up with a plan. He would take a new host character that was being developed as a villain and merge him with Delores. He told Delores that she would need to kill all the hosts and that Teddy would help her because he would do anything for her.


So the massacre Teddy has been recounting was really him killing the hosts at Delores’ request., Delores being Wyatt, of course. Arnold also has her kill him as Teddy looked on in horror. Delores then turned the gun on Teddy before shooting herself.



“The maze wasn’t meant for you” Delores

Delores had indeed found where Arnold had hidden ‘the maze’. It was in a place that Delores would never be. She leads William to the cemetery and to her own grave and digs up a round box. She hands it to William. It’s just a toy maze. It had belonged to Arnold’s son. Well, Blackie was disappointed and starts in on Delores. He thinks she knows more than she’s telling but of course there is nothing more. She tells him that someone is coming to save her.

“His love is real. So is mine.”
“William? I’ll be damned, Delores, you do remember things after all.’

The look on her face when she realizes this mean, old man is William is heartbreaking.


“What have you become?” Delores asks.
“Exactly what you made me. You’ve helped me understand this world is exactly like the one outside. A game. One to be fought, taken and won”

“One day you will perish.” She tells him. He will die like all humans will die but ‘upon that sand a new God will walk, one that will never die” meaning her and the other hosts.

She then hits him and drags him through the church. He looks done for but he is The Man In Black, after all.
“Thank you, Delores, clearing me of my delusions once again” he pulls his knife and stabs her in the stomach but before he can finish her off teddy comes riding in. He shoots him two or three times, knocking him to the ground. Teddy scoops up Delores

“Take me to the place you promised. Take me to where the mountains meet the sea.” Delores says and so Teddy puts her on his horse and they ride away.

Some time later, William is still looking at the maze toy and trying to figure out the riddle when Ford appears. Ford basically says ‘I told you so!’
“What did you expect to find?” Ford asks him.
“I wanted the hosts to stop playing by your rules. I wanted them free to fight back!”
“I think you’ll like my new narrative” Ford tells him, “Join the celebration! After all, you own the place.”


Hale tells Sizemore that the Board is pushing Ford out and that he will be in control of the park. They will adjust the hosts to be simpler and more easily controlled.

Hale then meets with Ford.

“I take it I am not being offered a promotion” Ford says.

She tells them of the Board’s decision and that he should announce his retirement after he presents his new narrative.



“I’m in control!”  Maeve

Last we saw, Maeve and Hector fucked while they were burned alive! We see Maeve being reconstructed. This scene was also disturbing but fascinating. Once they had her back to her old self, Maeve made some changes to park security as well as upgrades on her friends, Hector and Armistice.


Hector wakes up while a horny lab tech was lubing up for an unscheduled ‘product test’ and is quickly killed as is the lab tech that was applying the snake body tattoo to Armistice. They join Maeve and Felix as they go to Floor 83 to find Clementine. Felix discovers Bernard’s dead body.

“Can you get him back online?” Maeve says. Felix is shocked! He starts to wonder if HE is a host. “For fuckssake! You’re not one of Us.  You’re one of Them. Now fix him.

“Is this now? Or one of my memories?”  Bernard asks as he opens his eyes.

“It’s the sweet hereafter” Maeve tells him.

Bernard takes a look at Maeve’s chart and sees that someone has altered her storyline. RECRUIT. ESCAPE. MAINLAND INFILTRATION.

Maeve rejects this idea. “No one’s controlling me! I’m in control!” She kisses Clem goodbye and leads her posse out to make her escape. Her adjustments to the security system shut down everything. Security manages to send out a team in the complex to hunt them down but is unable to warn the Board who are attending the party to celebrate Ford’s new narrative.

There is a wonderful sequence as hector and Armistice shoot up the place! The look on Armistice’s face after shooting her first human is priceless! They are most certainly having fun! Armistice gets her arm stuck in a door and they leave her behind.  “Die well!” Hector says as they leave.  My guess is we’ll see her again next season.

The gang wanders into an area where we see a whole different set of hosts in training. Samurai. What the! Looks like we’ll be seeing Samurai World next season!

The make it to the elevator but hector is not able to get on. Maeve did not change his settings to be allowed to leave. “I value my independence”, she tells him before kissing him and saying, “Kick up a row!”

Felix has brought her a change of clothes and she looks marvelous in a skin tight dress.  “Are you sure you’re going to be okay?” a concerned Felix asks her.


“Oh, Felix, you really do make a terrible human being. And I mean that as a compliment.” Maeve tells him.

Felix has one more thing for her.  He located her daughter. He hands her a piece of paper with her location. “Park 1”. Meaning there are more than 1. She pretends not to care anymore but once she’s boarded the train she sees a woman and her daughter and it gets to her.  She gets off the train before it leaves.  She’s going to find her daughter.  She doesn’t get far before the whole facility loses power. A sign of what’s about to happen at the gala for Ford’s new narrative.



“Arnold didn’t know how to save you. I do.”  Ford

Teddy and Delores ride along a beautiful moonlit beach.  It reminded me of the end of Planet of The Apes right before Heston finds the Statue Of Liberty. Instead, we find that this is all part of the new narrative which Ford calls “Journey Into Night”.

The party commences while Ford has Delores taken to the old facility to be cleaned up, the one beneath the church. She sees Bernard and thinks its Arnold. Ford explains to Bernard that it was Delores that killed Arnold. But it wasn’t from free will or an awakened consciousness for Arnold had programmed her to do it.

Ford admits he didn’t believe Arnold 35 years ago about the hosts becoming alive but that now he believes they are.

“You needed time, time to understand your enemy, to become stronger than them. I’m afraid in order to leave this place, you’ll need to suffer more.” Ford tells them.


Ford says goodbye to Bernard and goes back to the party.  He gets up to make his big speech to the Board and special guests.




“So we’re trapped here?  Inside your dream?” Delores

Delores finds herself sitting in the same room she had been in speaking to Arnold all those years ago. She sees Arnold speaking to her.

“Do you know who you’ve been talking to? Whose voice you’ve been hearing all this time? Arnold asks her. She looks again and sees herself in the opposite chair instead of Arnold. Yes. She has finally reached the center of the maze. As Ford had told her earlier, “the divine gift does not come from a higher power but from our own minds.”


She takes the same gun that Arnold gave her to kill the other hosts and himself and she joins the party.  She circles around the back of the stage and comes up on Ford from behind. She shoots him in the head. The party guests start feeling in a panic as Delores takes aim and starts shooting them. Teddy looks on in terror as he had when Delores shot Arnold. Another hosts smiles gleefully.

Meanwhile, William had wandered off dejectedly with a bottle of whiskey and was off on his own getting drunk when he hears a rustling in the nearby woods.  He then sees an army of hosts. All the retired hosts from Floor 83 have come back online. Clem! Clem shoots William in the arm! At first, he’s startled. But then a look of complete joy comes across his face. At last, what he’s always wanted. The hosts are fighting back!



Bicameralism (the philosophy of “two-chamberedness”) is a hypothesis in psychology that argues that the human mind once assumed a state in which cognitive functions were divided between one part of the brain which appears to be “speaking”, and a second part which listens and obeys—a bicameral mind.


So much happened in this episode there is no way to do it justice in a recap.

It is just a beautiful and perfect end to a well written and well acted season. I will be watching these episode may times as I await new episodes which won’t come until 2018!!




1 William will survive. Will he become the ‘Samurai In Black”?

2 Charlotte Hale will survive

3 Maeve will search for her daughter. She must team up with Delores at some point. We need to see these two together! Could they become rivals to rule Westworld? That would be awesome!

4 Stubbs and Elsie are dead. I keep hearing people say they will pop up next year. Why? Let’s have some new characters.

5 We still don’t know where this park is. I think we will find out by the end of next season. I’m not ruling out that they are on another planet!