Paul Mendoza


So last week Madison blew her ‘Nick’ gasket and turned on all the lights and the big neon sign on the hotel that said “ALL WELCOMED!!”  Now they’re showing up by the droves to the gates of The Hotel wanting in! Great!



“Lo siento” Madison

Madison feels really bad about drawing all the attention, so many survivors clamoring to get in. But through the crowd Madison sees a familiar face. Who is that scruffy looking fellow? Why it’s Sad Travis looking as sad as ever.  He makes his way through the crowd to get to the gate.  Madison takes his hand through the gate, she’s so happy to see him. Travis just looks miserable. They manage to open the gate just enough to allow him in.


Alicia asks “Where’s Chris?” but no answer form Travis.

She takes him up to one of the rooms and he stares out to the sea from the balcony. He looks a wreck. “Where’s Nick?” Travis manages to ask Madison.

“He ran off like he always does. Where’s Chris?”

“I had no choice”, he says which made me think that he had to put him down but as we see in the flashbacks that’s not the case.



“There is no good. There is no bad. Right or wrong. It’s us versus them, kill or be killed.” Chris

Picking up the action in the barn of death, Travis is disgusted with Chris. Chris shows no remorse. Travis turns his attention to the leg shot Baby James. The bullet went clean through so Travis goes about sewing him up. He needs some time to rest up and heel.  The Bro-migos are okay with that as long as the supply of chickens last. Travis keeps saying they should be saving the chickens and eating the eggs but no one listens to him.

“You killed a man today, Chris.  The least you can do is let it affect your appetite” Travis chastises his son.

“I did what I had to do. Sorry but I’m not sorry”, Chris says, “Be careful how you play this dad. We need this.”


Travis buries the farmer with the rest of his family and looks through the house for some ID that would provide the man’s name while gazing at all the photos on the wall of the man and his family. Travis may be too sensitive to survive in this world. The farmer’s name was Elias.

After a few days, with all the chickens cooked up and eaten, Bro-migos Brandon and Derek are ready to pack up the truck and head to San Diego. Travis tells them that San Diego is gone, nothing there to go back to but no one listens to him. Travis says that Baby James still needs time to heal, no need to hurry off, plenty of food and its safe on the farm, no zombies seen in a week! No one listens. Chris doesn’t even back him up.

Baby James keeps saying he’s fine! Good to go!  But once they pack him into the back of the truck and start down the pothole pocked road he starts screaming in pain. Travis makes them stop and turn back.

Now Brandon is really annoyed. Instead of waiting he just wants to put Baby James down. Travis pleads with him but to no avail. Finally Travis grabs Brandon’s gun and he takes refuge in the barn with Baby James. Chris is like “Dad, you’re embarrassing me in front of my new psychotic friends!”


The next morning, Chris comes knocking on the barn door with a tray of food. Travis lets him in of course. He tries to convince him to come with him. He’s been trying this line for three episodes now. Then suddenly Chris jumps him! He jumps his own father!  “Hey guys! I got him!” Brandon and Derek come in. Brandon points his rifle at Baby James.

“Show me mercy”, Baby James pleads. Brandon has non to give. He shoots him in the head.

Now, with Chris to replace Baby James, Brandon has a sufficient amount of Bro-migos to head back to San Diego with. They don’t kill Travis at least. Travis continues to beg Chris to stay with him. “I promised your mother”, he tells Chris.

“Your way doesn’t work. You can’t do what needs to be done. I’m better without you”



The truck starts down the road. Travis yelling after it.

“I’m begging you not to do this!” 

“Goddamn you, Chris!”

Travis walks off alone, no supplies, no weapon.


Madison tries to comfort an extremely distraught Travis but he feels too guilty. He didn’t tell him he loved him. His last words were goddamn you.  In all honesty, Chris is an awful person and he made it very clear how he felt so I can’t see how Travis feels like it was his fault Chris went off with those psychos.  But parents blame themselves. He apologizes to Madison for going off before and that he now understands she was just protecting her own child, Alicia.  This triggers Madison to seek out Alicia immediately.


She finds her in the hotel parking garage. Oscar and the others let in the people that were clamoring to get in, about 45 of them. Alicia is helping inspect them to make sure that none have been bitten. Madison takes Alicia to the pier to have a heart to heart. She tells her how her father really died. It wasn’t a car accident. He committed suicide. They found a not in the glove box. “I love you all but enough’s enough.” A man of few words.

Alicia is devastated. Madison told her she saw the same darkness in Nick and that is why she was so overly concerned for him.  “I always thought you were alright.” She says.

“I had to be”, Alicia answers.  They hug and tell each other I love you.  All’s good.

But wait…..

As night falls, more people are making their way to The Hotel. And wouldn’t you know it; there is Brandon and Derek at the gate. No sign of Crazy Chris. Interesting.


Chris is crazy. Past redemption. He’s Negan Jr. Make him the big bad but I don’t want to see time wasted trying to show his redemption. He’s (walking) dead to me.


Travis. Get over it. You’re kid’s Kylo Ren. And we all know what happened when his father tried to bring him back from the Dark Side. (Poor Han!) Maybe the same thing will happen in the season finale? I’d be fine with that. I just don’t want to hear any more begging from Travis. The kid ain’t budging.

Looks like we will see a showdown between the Tijuana Costco gang and La Colonia. Could be the survivors will end up at The Hotel? Why not?  Plenty of vacancies!


The season finale is two hours! Will it be enough time to see the return of Daniel? I think so. And Ofelia doesn’t look like she makes it past Tijuana so perhaps Nick will run into her. Love Triangle! Oh I am Team Luciana all the way!