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That is what everyone is saying this morning. Many of the people I watched the show with last night were crying at the end of last night’s episode aptly titled “The Door”. I didn’t see it coming. I certainly did not think we’d see The Night’s King lead an assault on the Tree so fast! That attack that ends the episode was so intense and capped off with the mind blowing revelation of how Hodor got his name.

But let’s start at the beginning.


“What do you think he did to me?” Sansa


Sansa is sewing Jon a new tunic with the Stark logo, the Wolf, when a letter arrives. The next thing you know Sansa and Brienne are off to Mole’s Town to see an old friend. It’s Lord Baelish! He’s come to the rescue with Robin and the army of the Vale! Sansa does not greet him with open arms. They were more like crossed.

“Did you know about Ramsey?” If you didn’t you’re an idiot. If you did then you’re my enemy.”

That’s right, Little Finger. You’re little girl got all grown up!

“You saved me from the monsters that murdered my family and delivered me to the monsters that murdered my family.”

I don’t know what Little Finger was expecting. Sansa is not the same scared little girl he once knew. She has become fierce. She tells him she never wants to see him again and doesn’t want the help from Lord Robin’s army. I’m not sure that was such a great idea. They need all the help they can get. Little Finger did give her some good intel on her Uncle Brendan Tully, “The Blackfish”. He’s reconstituted an army under the Tully banner.



Even with her eyesight back Arya is still getting beat up by The Waif.

“You’ll never be one of us, Lady Stark.”

I’m starting to think The Waif is right. Jaqen H’ghar gives her an assignment to kill a woman, an actor in a traveling theater troupe. A second chance. If she fails there will not be a third.

“One way or another a face will be added to the Hall.” Jaqen tells Arya.

Arya then does recon on the troupe and sees them put on a show about King Robert Baratheon, Cersei and Joffrey. Arya gets a kick out of this until an actor comes on playing Ned Stark as if he were a buffoon. The troupe actually act out Ned’s beheading for laughs! The crowd was roaring. Arya was not. She goes back stage and observes the actors and especially her mark, Lady Crane. He thinks she’s a decent person and says this to Jaqen.

“Does Death only come to the wicked and leave the decent behind?” He asks her.

I don’t think Arya is feeling this assassination gig. She’s not into murdering strangers. A girl has a list.


Bran has started taking vision quests without Three Eyes. His willfulness is going to get everyone in trouble. In this vision he sees the Children Of The Forest have tied up a man to the Tree. One of the wood nymphs plunges a sharp branch into his heart. The man’s eyes turn blue. Bran realizes that they are the ones that created the White Walkers. Men were such a danger to them at that time, burning up the forest. Now their own creations have turned on them.


“This is our queen!” Theon


Yara makes her claim for The Salt Throne but the men of The Iron Islands are not so eager to follow a woman (Yara and Hilary have something in common). “We have never had a queen before!” They point out that Balon still has a surviving son, Theon, and that the crown should be passed to him. But Theon gives a full hearted speech in support of his sister. It looks all wrapped up until Balon’s brother, Euron Greyjoy shows up and lays down his own claim to The Salt Throne. Yara charges him with the murder of her father but Euron owns it and says that it should have been done long ago. He says there’s a woman across the sea that has a large army and three dragons! He will be the one to build a thousand new ships, sail to Mereen and give them to Daenerys along with big hello from his ‘little Greyjoy” and that together they will conquer the Seven Kingdoms. Basically, he’s going to “Make The Iron Islands great again!” Everybody cheers!

While Euron is going through the ritual of being drowned and then laid out on the rocks to see if he comes back to life (this is how they elect a King?), Yara and Theon steal away with all the good ships and sail away. Once Euron coughs up all the water in his lungs and some driftwood is laid on his head he looks around and notice there’s no kin to congratulate him.

“Where are my niece and nephew?” he asks. Everyone just kind of look at each other.
“Let’s go murder them.” Euron says, very calmly. But too late! They’ve taken all the boats!

Euron tells the crowd to immediately build a thousand ships! Our own Charlotte Radwell, rightfully commented, “But there are no trees on those islands! And there’s only a hundred men so why do they need a thousand ships?” True that.


“All I ever wanted was to serve you.” Ser Jorah


Dany, Daario and Ser Jorah huddle on a mountain top. Dany is ready to fully embrace Ser Jorah but he backs away from her. He shows her his arm. Dany is heartbroken.

“Tyrion Lannister was right. I love you. I’ll always love you. Goodbye, Khaleesi.” Ser Jorah starts to walk away but Dany stops him.


“Do not walk away from your queen! I command you to find a cure. And once you have you will come back to me. When I take over the Seven Kingdoms I will need you by my side.”

OK. It wasn’t ‘I love you, too’, but Ser Jorah will take it.



The deal Tyrion made with the Masters seems to be working. Tyrion holds a PR pow wow with his inner circle, Varys, Grey Worm and Missandei to get the message out that Daenerys has brought the peace. He brings in a new advisor. Another Red Lady from Valantis, Kinvara. Varys tried to spar with Kinvara about her religion while Tyrion tried to get him to back off. But Kinvara can handle herself quite well, thank you. She walks up to Varys and describes the night his genitalia was cut off and thrown into the fire.

“You heard a voice coming from the fire, didn’t you? Do you want me to tell you who that voice was?”

We have never seen Varys so off balance in the entire series than at this moment.

“Knowledge has made you powerful but there is still so much you don’t know.” Kinvara tells Varys.



Bran goes on another un-escorted vision. This time he seems to be outside the Tree. He looks out and see thousands of White Walkers. He walks towards them and amongst them. Then he sees the White walkers on horseback. They see him! They all start moving towards him. He turns around and the Night’s King is standing right there in front of him. He tries to run but The Night’s King grabs his arm. Bran screams! He wakes from the vision.

“Did he touch you?” Three Eyes asks. “ He has marked you.”
“But he can’t get me here.”
“Now he can. You must leave. Now.”


“The North Remembers” Sansa


Jon is holding a War Room planning party. Sir Davos is advising him which Northern families have sided with the Boltons and which are in play. She is sure that many of the families will follow Jon if he asks.

“Jon is as much a Stark as Ramsey is a Bolton.” She says.

Then she tells them what she knows about her Uncle Brendan Tully and that they should reach out to him about joining them. Jon asks how she knows this and Sansa tells him that a raven came to Ramsey about it before she escaped. She doesn’t tell Jon that she was told this by Little Finger. Brienne asks her why but we don’t hear an answer. She trusts Jon to protect her but not with everything. Meanwhile Sansa sends Brienne to River Run to contact her Uncle Brendan and ask for his help.




OK. This brings us to the thrilling and heartbreaking final minutes. Meera and Hodor are packing. She is speaking excitedly about eating real food again. Hodor is smiling and laughing and especially likes it when Meera mentions blood sausage! Then in the middle of all this merriment, Meera suddenly stops and gets quiet. She starts running to the entrance of the Tree and finds the Children of the Forest standing outside and staring down thousands of White Walkers, just as in Bran’s vision. The Night’s King starts walking towards them.

Meera rushes back to Bran while the wood nymphs try to slow down the White Walkers. Bran is having a vision back at Winterfell and can’t be awakened. Hodor meanwhile is rocking back and forth saying ‘Hodor” over and over.

“Bran! Wake up! We need Hodor! We need you to warg into Hodor!” Meera screams.


Meanwhile, the White Walkers are just swarming all over and around the Tree and start falling in from the top. Meera and the wood nymphs turn to hand to hand combat. Things are looking really bad now. Meera again screams at Bran. Bran begins to hear her while in his vision.

“We’re all going to die!” Meera screams.
“Listen to your friend.” Three Eyes tells Bran.

Bran looks over at young Willis and then he wargs into Hodor. Hodor grabs Bran, who’s strapped into a gurney, and whisks him away, closely followed by Meera and the remaining wood nymphs. Summer, Bran’s dire wolf stays behind to slow down the walkers and is killed! (Only 2 wolves left!)

They are running down a tunnel in the tree being chased by White Walkers. The last wood nymph stops and tells them to keep going. She sacrifices herself and takes a bunch of walkers with her.

It is time for you to become me” Three Eyes tells Bran.
“Am I ready?” Bran asks.
“No.” Three Eyes Tells him.

Bran then sees Three Eyes die. Everyone is biting the dust! Hodor tries to open the escape door. He gets it open just in time. Meera grabs Bran and starts running.

“Hold the door!” She yells at Hodor.

Hodor does as he’s told. She keeps yelling.

“Hold the door! Hold the door!”

Bran hears her in his vision. He turns to look at Willis. They look at each other. He sees him! He begins to hear Meera as well. The Willis’ eyes roll back in his head and he falls to the ground in convulsions.

“Hold the door!” Willis starts yelling. He keeps yelling it. And eventually ‘hold the door’ turns into ‘hodor’. Bran realizes that he has caused this. He was the cause all along.

As Meera and Bran disappear in the distance. Hodor becomes overtaken by the walkers and begins to be torn apart. Thankfully we don’t see that.

Not Hodor!

It was too much to process. The death of a beloved character is hard enough. But then trying to wrap my head around the implications of what just happened. To quote another great show:

‘Time is a flat circle.’ Everything we’ve ever done or will do, we’re gonna do over and over and over again.”                                              True Detective

OK, Charlotte Radwell! What’s your take?


Thrones Fashion

This episode started with the same girl power that the last one left off with. Though nothing can compare to Daenerys’ ultimate power naked fire walk, here are the other HBIC looks from S6E5 of GOT:


Sansa and Brienne confront Little Finger, making him own up to his passive but dirty handed violence toward Sansa and the women of his brothel. What better outfit to wear than no makeup and a grey cape? He doesn’t even deserve to see multiple braids on Sansa’s head. He gets one, big jerk. He deserves ZERO getting ready effort.


Meanwhile, those tree nymphs are so awesome looking. I for one totally forgive them for creating the white walkers because it must be tough to make a complicated hairstyle and matching dress out of wood. Their finely crafted wood-wear really makes one question why a Greyjoy would drown for the most basic three piece driftwood crown.


Though I’d love to stir up a Who Wore it Better: Immortality Necklace Edition debate, I would rather wait until Sansa’s fashion design career takes off and we can argue over who better pulls off embroidered wolf cloaks.

I leave you with one final unrelated thought- why doesn’t anyone in Winterfell wear winter hats? They should be used to winter by now, and as I’m sure Jon Snow is just learning, your ears get super cold when you wear your hair in a man bun.


Arya may be forced to escape from Jaqen H’ghar by joining the theater troupe.

Yara and Theon will sail to The North and join Jon’s rebellion.

Bran now knows his actions in the present have an effect on the past. He will start having more interactions with those in the past.

3 Things I Want To See

I’m shipping Tormund and Brienne. These kids need to get together.


Dragons! Where is Drogon!

The High Sparrow (and Bernie Sanders look alike) must die!

My favorite Line:


Who is next to die:

Well, now I’m all messed up. This show is keeping us all on guard. I’ll say

Go on back to grieving for Hodor. So many died protecting Bran. I hope he earns it!

hodor animated GIF