Game Of Thrones Recap: The Red Woman S6EP1

Paul Mendoza


Welcome all you GOT fans! This is the beginning of my weekly recap of Game Of Thrones! I will be joined by Charlotte, Radwell, fashion stylist and ‘high priestess of Westeros fashion’. She will be giving her assessment of the weekly garment choices of our characters.


Warning: Spoilers Ahead! Read At Your Own Risk?

Well, we’re off to a rousing start! I gathered with my group of friends who are Game Of Throne fanatics as we have been doing for the last three seasons. We had a glorious array of snacks and many bottles of wine and sangria. We were all pumped and ready for the season premiere. I have to credit my friend, Kyle, with the best quote of the night when he yelled, as the episode started, “Jon Snow is under the dumpster!!”. (Walking Dead shout out!)

We picked up right where we left off. Jon Snow lying in a pool of red on the white snow. Ghost is howling and trying to chew through his cell door. Sir Davos and a few of Snow’s loyal ‘Watch’ men find Snow and bring him inside. Sir Davos tells them to get Ghost and advises them to get the Wildings Snow just saved to come help them. Sir Alisser Thorne has taken responsibility for murdering Snow and taken command. Thorne is certainly a villain but he’s not crazy. He makes a point to tell the men that he never disobeyed an order from Snow and he though Snow was doing what he thought was best by bringing in the Wildings but it was too much to accept. It’s a sound defense and seemed to have swayed the majority of the Watch to go along with him.


Melisandre joined Sir Davos in Jon Snow’s tomb defense room and seemed perplexed as she examined Snow’s dead body. “I saw him in the flames, fighting at Winterfell.” She’s obviously wallowing in self doubt and questioning her faith. Why has she been so wrong lately?


Sansa and Reek, er, Theon are on the run! Ramsey Bolton has ‘released the hounds!” His daddy, Roose Bolton is very disappointed in his bastard son. They need Sansa to control the North and bear Ramsey an heir. If Ramsey loses Sansa he may lose his claim as rightful heir. Rooses’ plump wife Walda (one of Walder Frey’s many) is pregnant. Sansa and Theon manage to cross a freezing river but Ramsey’s hounds and the hunting party find them. Even though Theon tries to tell them Sansa’s dead the hounds caught her scent. They find the hiding Sansa and I’m starting to think ‘They can’t just be recaptured! Where’s Brienne? Oh Bri-ennnee!!!” And just like that she heard me and came riding in like a fury. Brienne and Pod battle Ramsey’s henchmen and even Theon proving you don’t actually have to have balls to show some, picked up a sword and saved Pod. This was a great scene! Finally Sansa seeing some hope and someone actually fighting for her! It was very emotional see Brienne officially offering her services and Sansa, with a little help from Pod, officially accepting. Sansa’s revenge begins!



This scene received the most yelling from our little watching group this week! There was Elaria Sand walking arm in arm with Doran Martell seeming so warm and sisterly. They’ve mended fences! Until a messenger brings Prince Doran a scroll. We all know what the scroll says. Myrcella Lannister is dead! This means war! Elaria knows as well and just like that! A sword goes through Prince Doran’s back and out his chest! It seems Elaria has arranged for a coupe d’etat. She even sends two of her sand snakes to kill off Doran’s son, Myrcella’s betrothed. “Your son is weak just like you and weak men will never rule Dorne again!” She despised Doran’s weakness and desire to build an alliance with the Lannisters. She wants war and Jamie and Cersei will give her one.



Cersei’s hair is growing out nicely. She was spending a lovely afternoon plotting her revenge on the Faith Of The Seven when she receives word that a ship from Dorne is arriving! She hurries excitedly to the port to welcome home her lover and her daughter but her smile turns to sorrow as she sees Jamie’s sad face at the front of the boat and a shrouded body laying behind him. The witch’s prophecy that she will see all her children die is one step closer to being true. Jamie tries to comfort her promising to “take back all that was taken from them and more” but revenge will have to wait for another episode or two.


Arya’s still blind and turned to begging in the streets. But Jaqen H’ghar has other plans. He sends his assistant (or maybe it’s him, don’t matter) to continue her training. She tosses Arya a staff and attacks her violently, forcing her to try and defend herself. Looks like Arya is going to have a rough ride to get back in Jaqen H’ghar’s good graces and get her sight back.



With Daenerys missing, Meeren has descended into a state of anarchy. Tyrion and Varys take a stroll through the streets to assess the damage and make a plan. Tyrion knows he has his work cut out for him. He sees the people increasingly turning to religion, specifically, The Lord Of Light, and apparently The Sons Of The Harpy have burned all the ships in the harbor. They are a city under siege.



Daario Naharis and Sir Jorah search for Daenerys. This is classic: Two likable heroes in love with the same woman on a journey to save that woman from danger. The question is not will they succeed but which of them will die to save her. Both are willing but with Sir Jorah turning to stone more and more each day, I’m betting he will lay down his life.
In the world of Game Of Thrones, Sir Jorah may be the most romantic figure on the show. Of course, they find the area where Daenerys was discovered and surrounded by the Dothraki and of course, Sir Jorah finds the ring that Daenerys dropped as a clue. Daenerys, meanwhile is a Dothraki captive. Two Dothrakis on horseback talk about her and what they will do with her not knowing that she can understand every word. When she is presented to the Khal, she reveals who she is, “Queen of Meereen, breaker of chains, mother of dragons…blah blah blah. None of this matters to the Khal. “You are the queen of nothing’ he tells her. But when she says that she was the wife to Khal Drogo he changes his tune. He removes her restraints and tells her no one will touch her. Respect. Then she asks for passage back to Meereen. Respect ends. She is told she will instead be taken to the place where all wives of dead Khals go to live out the rest of their lives. She’s going to need that rescue after all.

Season Six has begun in fine form. So many story lines to follow and we haven’t even seen Bran yet. I’m thinking we’ll also see Rickon and Osha again this Season as well.
Next week’s episode hints that Tyrion will seek to use the other two dragons that have been locked up since Season 4 to help keep the peace in Meereen. Good luck with that!

This episode is titled “The Red Woman” which immediately had me thinking, what most everyone has been suspecting, that Melisandre will resurrect our fallen Jon Snow. It didn’t happen. It still might. But the reveal at the end of the episode was quite shocking. Just when I was thinking “we’ve had violence now where’s our portion of nudity?”, we got Melisandre gazing into a mirror and taking off her dress. But then she took off her necklace and the image in the mirror changed. There was an old woman’s reflection in it. A very old woman. A creepy old woman. Holy crap! Just how old is Melisandre! And that necklace must have a very powerful glamour spell to work that well! How long can Jon Snow remain dead before he can no longer be resurrected? Did his spirit transfer into Ghost? Is he really dead? I can’t believe that. Not yet.



Charlotte? Let’s hear what your take was on this weeks’ Westeros Fashion!


Let’s start with the Nights Watch, or just a group of sweaty guys who walked into an All Saints and bought all the $1000 black fur shrugs they could get their hands on, even though the salesperson suggested they might look better in leather jackets. Very edgy.

Let’s move on to Dorne, where the dark haired posse of Elaria Sand is (presumably) made to wear canary yellow bridesmaid dresses. If anyone ever makes me wear that color dress to their wedding, I will also cut it up and add a leather bustier, FYI.

Of course I loved everything happening in Meereen; those marooned on an island twisted strap tent dresses are my jam.


As an avid costume jewelry collector, I was just dying for Daenerys’ dragon choker- until I saw the eternal youth necklace on Melisandre and I decided I’d rather not die and just own that one.


This episode had all the bell sleeves, dirty frocks, belted tunics, men in skirts, and red riding hood cloaks a girl could ever need. I’m more than ready for episode two, hoping to see Daenerys and Sansa in some clean and ready for a ladies night gowns.

Thanks Charlotte!

My favorite quote of the episode:
“She’s good meat, feed her to the hounds.”
-Ramsey Bolton about his dead lover, Myranda


My Pick of who will sit on the Iron Throne? (As of Today)

Sansa Stark

Sophie Turner

Phew! My first Recap! Hope to get better each week! Let me know what you think!